Terraria 2 Idea: Aquaculture!

Is this a good idea?

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Everyone loves potions, right? But the methods of obtaining the ingredients can be a grueling task. (I am looking at you fishing!)

Not everyone wants to spend an hour clicking and waiting over and over again to get the fish they need for their life force potion, wrath potion, ect.

If we already can farm the herbs we need to make potions, then why not also FARM THE FISH!

I had this idea when I was thinking about stardew valley and how you farm fish there.

Let me explain how it works in stardew:

1: You build a pond
2: You catch the fish
3: Put the fish in the pond
4: Bring the fish an item every now and then (could be common items likeherbs, ore, critters, ect. It would be an exchange of an excess item you have to grow a few fish you dont want to grind for)
5: Let them reproduce
6: Harvest a few and repeat 5 and 6

Idk how you would make it work in terraria, but I guarantee there are some super creative people out there who would have a great take on this idea.

And it would make fish a little bit more fun than what they currently are. It would give people the choice of grind for the fish, or make some fish ponds and harvest them with little management. Sure you would have to spend the time to give them some items and harvest them, but you also have to spend time re-planting, and harvesting herbs.

If you don’t like this idea because “there are already mods that let you buy every potion” then OK. Play the way you want to.

This is just an idea based on the idea that if you can farm the herbs, why not farm the fish too.

If you are a modder and you like this idea, take it and use your creative thinking to make it work. Or maybe pass it on.

If you read my entire post thank you for taking the time to listen to my idea and I hope you have a happy holiday!


This could work in Terraria 1, but it would need to be a furniture item where you put fish in and it changes some aspect of the furniture itself rather than the fish being placed directly in the world as an NPC because it would just despawn when you leave.

So it could be like a large aquarium and you left-click on it to place the fish inside, as if you were trying to place an item somewhere, then the aquarium gains a sprite of a fish swimming in it, and you can right-click the aquarium to remove the fish and it drops as an item. Then if you leave it there, the fish reproduces after some time and there's now two fishes in your aquarium.
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