PC Terraria: 24x24 Pixelbox Bad Apple!! (The true triumph of engineering)

I have been working on a functional 24x24 pixelbox display for some great time now. Large shoutout to @Paul From T-MEC who designed the display. Using his base design I created a mobile version of it for the allowance of additions and applications to be built off of it. I decided to get with some other great and very talented people from the web and throw together a functioning animation. After seeing badapple done with a low-grade matrix display, I decided to give this topic its proper makeover. If anyone has questions I will try and answer them.

The build is using 11-Bit 2^11 = 2,048 cells (Frames) of programable RAM. This is very large storage and takes up 6,144 Blocks horizontal world room. The RAM uses the max accessible vertical room of 2,317 blocks bringing it to 6144x2317. The display and other modules take up the rest of the world.
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