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Other Literature Terraria, A Heartfelt Review


So, as part of the latest Steam Sale, users are asked to review a game, and it occurred to me that I've never actually posted a review for Terraria, despite in being one of my all-time favorite games. So I sat down to do it, but ended up just spilling my emotions all over the floor. I'm not normally an expressive person, but I thought I'd share my feelings here, where it might be just a little more likely they're seen by the people who deserve to see them the most. So here's the review, verbatim:

I'd like to start by saying, "I've spent over 900 hours in a game that cost me about $10." This is less of a review than it is a love letter to the developers.

Terraria is a labor of love, and there's no two ways about it. These developers have been working steadily on it for nearly a decade, offering free update after free update. Several years ago, I would easily have called the game's state 'complete', and yet they've kept regularly adding content since. Terraria: Journey's End comes out later this year, and it is promised to be another massive update to the game, as well as the final one. And yes, it will be free as well. I honestly wish it wasn't, just so I could do more to support these wonderful people.

Terraria has been a constant presence in my life, on and off, for years. I've got so many fond memories of fooling around with friends packed into this little game, that I don't think I'll ever be able to let them go. From building hideous houses, beautiful castles, and absurdly complicated, pointless devices, to teaming up against brutal bosses, or delving into the depths of the Dungeon together. There are so many little moments of joy hidden tucked away that I'll remember time and again. (":red:, Frank, get it together!") I've also got plenty of memories of battling my way through the game solo, even my failed foray into Expert Mode had some highlights to reminisce about, despite my failure to git gud.

I've lost hours, and entire nights just building and adjusting little things in this game — like the mini-desert in my basement, for ease of cactus farming — and I don't regret a single moment of it. Thank you Re-Logic, for this wonderful game. I'm sad that our time together is coming to an end, but I eagerly await the Journey's End.

(Also, my apologies if this is the wrong subforum, but it was my best guess at where it should go.)
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