Important Terraria Community Forums Staff Expectations

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Terraria Community Forums Staff Expectations

We ask that all of our staff members read and agree to adhere to the guidelines below in how they conduct themselves in the execution of their duties. If any Re-Logic Community member has an issue with staff conduct, please utilize the Peer Review/Appeals process and/or contact a Community Administrator.

Staff of Re-Logic Communities are unofficial representatives of Re-Logic as well as the games and communities they support. Staff Members are expected to set an example for the general membership at all times – to represent the absolute “best” that the Community has to offer. To that end:

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  • When posting – outside of your duties as a Staff – you must always remember your dual persona: you are free to be yourself, but you are also a representative of Re-Logic. As such, always consider that your words will carry a different weight and be viewed in a different light. Avoid “gray areas” if at all possible.
  • Staff should approach every member – regardless of the situation – under a banner of mutual respect, and treat them as peers. At times, members will act in ways that are not aligned with this. Staff, being held to a higher standard, must take the “high road” at all times.
  • Staff Members should never be found in violation of the rules of this site. This includes having the patience to avoid flaming in public or anywhere else on the site (PMs, profiles). If a situation comes to this point, get another Staff involved to help out.
  • Staff are expected to know the rules and culture in-depth and apply them consistently. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.
  • Staff should also not be found breaking the Terms of Service of any Re-Logic game, nor disrupting the peace of other players (in-game). If you choose to use the same In-Game Name as you do on these forums, you are upheld to the same standards in-game as you are on the forums. If you feel you will hack, grief, whatever - you are required to use a different handle in-game than you do on the forums, and completely dissociate yourself from this other identity while on the forums.
  • Staff Members are trusted by the Developers and Community to exercise their responsibilities objectively, without regard to personal agendas. Pursuits of personal vendettas, using of Staff position to win debates, and/or treating members differently due to personal issues (both friend and foe) are expressly prohibited. Any Staff member whom feels that they cannot ensure this in a specific situation should seek out another Staff to help out.
  • Actions taken by Staff should always have a clear reason that is grounded in the culture and rules. Be as transparent as possible in sharing the “why” behind your actions.
  • Take the time to find the root of any dispute you're settling; check post histories, read the entire argument, etc. Although you're meant to ensure that the culture and rules are being followed, always take into account shades of gray. Context is important. You are on Staff for a reason, trusted for your perceived ability to make good, appropriate decisions and are empowered to make them.
  • Never discuss staff actions in public, or advocate that anyone do so. Disputes should ALWAYS be private, and promptly taken care of. Please do not use public humiliation tactics to punish users, either.
  • Contact another mod if you're unsure of how to resolve a situation. Comment on reports, ask in staff chat, or send a PM. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.
  • Finally, thank you for volunteering to take on what is often a frustrating task. Know that the leadership of Re-Logic trusts your judgment and is behind you at all times. If you have concerns, never hesitate to raise them.
Please note that further details can be found within the TCF User Guide. It is very important that you read and understand the "rules of the road".

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