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PC Terraria on the Surface Pro X


Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 10
Terraria Version
Controls Used
So I've owned Terraria for a little while, and for the most part it has run like a charm, but after I got my new computer the surface pro X I haven't been able to play Terraria at all. It is in constant slow motion and is just overall laggy and sluggish. I've changed every options in the game to either off or low. I've changed the window to make it run faster and changed the priority to see if it helps and it's still in slow motion. So now my question do you guys know any way for me to make Terraria playable? Or if the Devs can tweak the game?

8gb ram
Microsoft SQ 1 Adreno 685 GPU
Microsoft SQ 1 CPU
256gb Memory
Windows 10 Pro on ARM

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