Pixel Art Terraria Spriting Carnival 2

Could I use this for modding :happy:

You turning that into a mod? If not could I try?

Could I use this for modding?
Hey, thanks for showing interest in my sprites! Although I appreciate the offer, I have some ideas of my own for those and will resprite them at some point, so I'll have to say no for right now. Thanks for the offer though.

Oh wait forgot to post sprite, here's one:

Brimcrux Scepter.png

I might make a mod a large mod....if anyone wants to help...*wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* It would be appreciated.
I’d be happy to help if you want I do have some experience. Don’t know if you’ll see this though because you haven’t been on for a while.

Also, how can you sample colors from existing sprites in pixel art maker or any other app

hailstorm sniper rifle

hailstorm bow

hailstorm shard

hailstorm sword

also please check out my thread
Pixel Art - a normal guy's normal sprites
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Haven't posted much here in ages. This is some stuff I'm working on for an upcoming idea of mine.

The five sprites included are
  • Explosion in a bottle
  • Black Horseshoe Balloon
  • Slight resprite of the bundle of balloons (the item featured a green balloon despite the recipe not using the Fart in a Balloon)
  • Explosion in a Balloon
  • An alternate bundle of balloons (this one's made from the Sharkron Balloon, Explosion in a Balloon, and Fart in a Balloon)
More stuff

Sprites featured are
  • Amphibious Balloon
  • Teal Horseshoe Balloon
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welp, just started drawing some pixel gizmo today . . .
mashed some cosmic/space/nebula & pastel esque and an angry seprent from a certain mod . . .
Any scores & tips?
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