Terraria Teams Up with Sanshee for New Merchandise!

Nevermind an eater-of-worlds t-shirt, it would be awesome to own a moon lord jumper, though the merch looks absolutely awesome. :joy:
THIS IS AMAZING! I have been waiting FOREVER for merchandise to come out. I am going to buy the pin. No doubt about that!
Good afternoon Terrarians!

It is such an exciting time to be a part of the Terraria Community right now... from the recently-announced Journey's End launch date to the cascade of updates on Console and Mobile, it seems like there is big news coming almost every day!

Adding to this, Re-Logic is thrilled to share that we are partnering with the fantastically-creative folks over at Sanshee to produce a brand new line of Terraria merchandise. We have big plans here, so this is a space you will want to watch over the weeks and months ahead as more and more items are revealed and become available. To start off these fresh Terraria merch offerings, we are introducing the first in our Terraria pin series as well as a really unique shirt design - both of which we think you are really going to enjoy!

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Eye of Cthulhu Pin

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Terraria: Arcade Battle T-Shirt

The two items above are available NOW by clicking the images above or via our new Terraria Storefront on Sanshee linked below - this is where all of the newest Terraria merchandise from Sanshee will be posted, so this is a link you will want to bookmark for sure!

As new items become available (we have several more in the pipeline already!), we will be sure to let everyone know!
Holy Redigit! Am I the only one who thinks that eoc pin looks freaking awesome
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