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Adventure Terraria: The Wind Waker

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As the title implies, I'm working on a remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for Terraria. It is extremely early in development, but here's what I have so far:


Telescope: Binoculars
King of Red Lions w/ Sail: Cosmic Car Key
Wind Waker: The Axe (No use whatsoever but you can jam out)
Grappling Hook: Grappling Hook
Iron Boots: Cobalt Shield (No knockback)
Hero's Bow: Gold Bow w/ Wooden Arrows
Fire and Ice Arrows: Fire and Frostburn Arrows
Light Arrows: Luminite Arrows
Boomerang: Wooden Boomerang
Hookshot: Rod of Discord (I know it sucks as a replacement but I'm already using a hook and I HAVE to include the hookshot)
Deku Leaf: Umbrella (Can't figure out the blowing portion)
Bombs: Bombs
Skull Hammer: Pwnhammer
Hero's Sword: Boreal Wood Sword
Master Sword: Platinum Broadsword
Power Bracelet: Copper Pickaxe (Same situation as Hookshot, can't really figure anything out)
Goddess Pearls: Large Gems

Islands: Each island will have roughly 1000*300 tiles to work with. Dungeons MAY have to have a separate map, but I'm trying my hardest to ensure that doesn't happen.

Specifications: Walls will cover 100% of the map. Mobs will spawn only by statues. Speaking of...


Chuchu: Slime
Bokoblin: Skeleton
Moblin: Blood Zombie
Bubbles: Drippler
Darknut: Onslaught of Undead Vikings
Kargarok: Harpy
Keese: Bat
Redead: Medusa
Wizzrobe: Hoplite

Please reply suggestions for items and mobs if you have them. My lists obviously aren't perfect and I'm trying to keep this as close to the actual game as possible. I will post status updates, but please do leave suggestions.
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