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Terraria Xbox 360 Dark Resource recruitment


im looking for more People To come join on Terraria Under A group I created Last Year between me and my friend and just now im deciding to open the group to new members The Group consists of

Darksouls669 -Me- Group Leader

DBD BLOODBATH Second In Command

SpartanHELLJUMP most recent member In Training


The Group Is Dark Resource and our operations range to many games but not limited to Apoc Z, Halo 3,4,Reach,wars,ODST, Minecraft, Gears Of War Fallout And Skyrim. Now Fallout and skyrim Because of the members ability if they have the game to control an operation -operation/Goals will be listed-


Dark Resource Is To Seize Control of Valuble And Rare Assets Along With Increasing Profit over each operation

Examples For Say Terraria and minecraft are different due to Ore Like i told DBD i Dont care if its copper it goes in the Vault -This Gives Large Amounts of Resources-

Fallout and Skyrim Is To Obtain Ample Funds Rare/Valuble items and weapons

Rules are Simple

If You Take it ok But Be prepared to have a REASON

To Join Send me a Message/Friend Request On Live To my Account DarkSouls669 Optionally You can message me on here with your Gamertag As Well For both include your skills


Message me and I'll join I have terraria, skyrim, minecraft, fallout, Apoc Z, and many other games. I have racked up quite a bit of good loot. Xbox 360 gt: killjoy0330
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