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I said spam at worst . . . not necessarily implying that the top posters do it, but it offers a temptation to do so. Which is why, "encourages spam posting at worst".
Oh I see, I wasn't exactly saying you implied it, but either way, I understand fully now.
I asked for community feedback on yanking either or both (posts and likes) during the last update, but received none.

I should be able to remove them with a few clicks, should the community as a whole so desire (it wasn't a straight-forward answer to get to this point, but we think we found the way)

Most warnings - no, lol....but I saw that for the sarcastic satire-for-effect that it was. ;)

Won't be replacing the existing LB's with any more - we've seen where they lead some people.
I am actually on the "remove the 'most' lists from the forums" side of the vote, but we need more community members than just myself to make that decision.
I would like them removed as well. The leaderboards here have already been problematic in the past so it's better to get them out before they have the chance to be so again.

Slightly unrelated, but I think having the leaderboards being called "notable members" is a bit of a farce as well. It's a bit like recognizing these members for their number of likes, while completely ignoring the notable things they did to achieve these likes. The leaderboards are honoring the number, not the member. Glorifying the quantity, not the acts done to achieve it. A lot of people on the "Most likes" page, for example, are known for much more than just the number itself. We don't need an automated tab to tell us what these guys have done.

Sure, leaderboards aren't as big of an issue as they were in the past, but they also serve no actual benefit to begin with. Proved detrimental before, with no tangible plus side. All I'm trying to say is "notable members" isn't something you can measure in a list. You can't tell who is most liked by how many "likes" they have. You can't tell how much someone has contributed to a community by how many posts they have. If any of this even makes sense, that is.
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Fwiw, if I wanted to be a dictator I would have removed them without asking....because of what tsuki and others have said and my total agreement with it.

Just wanting to make sure the community has a say - because we are here for you all in the end.

So, the more opinions the merrier!
Perhaps we could put up a poll for people to vote on, Loki? Maybe put an announcement banner directing towards the poll? While 5 or 6 of us that watch this thread seem to be in agreement, that in no way represents the collective viewpoints of the thousands of members here on TCF.
Ive been on several forums that block all post count numbers from ever being visible, people still find ways, heh
I'm not sure if anone hasw posted this already (I didn't want to read through 8 pages of comments), but it would be nice if you got an alert when someone you follow posts a thread.
What was the point of the leaderboards originally anyway? What purpose do they serve?

Nothing - Well, why waste space?
Highlight number of posts/likes - For some people, it would encourage them to spam their way onto the board. Not good.
Pwettie Numb3rs - ...
Having leaderboards, in my opinion, is pretty redundant. They only, pretty much, serve as a way to help determine who is at the top and implying there is some form of fame on the Internet, whilst also in a egotistical manner. Something like leaderboards is unnecessary and can, like Leinfors previously admitted, encourage spam at worst. All in all; I feel that my opinion is mostly based on removing the leaderboards.
What was the point of the leaderboards originally anyway? What purpose do they serve?

Nothing - Well, why waste space?
Highlight number of posts/likes - For some people, it would encourage them to spam their way onto the board. Not good.
Pwettie Numb3rs - ...

Forum softwares tend to have a lot of options vanilla-wise, the leaderboards are included in that. Believe it or not, a lot of people who use forum software actually like the leaderboards. It's there for whoever wants it. At that point, the existence of an option is less dependent on reason and ethics and more about catering to a larger community.

We can be thankful that xenforo [or a mod? dunno what skiphs and loki did] allows the ability to disable it if we want to.
I'm totally on board with the whole removing the leaderboards thing.
While I don't see it as a big issue, I doubt very little good will come from keeping them.

On another note, I've got a different question/suggestion.
Why isn't there a section for art and literature outside of Terraria?
I know that this IS a Terraria forum, but we have multiple sections for other non-Terraria related topics. Also, though most threads in the Terraria art and literature sections are focused on Terraria, there are threads that don't really make Terraria the #1 subject. I've also seen threads that don't appear to have any Terraria related content at all, and they've been around for a while without being shut down.

Is it just generally accepted that there can be non-Terraria related threads in these sections? If that's the case, I'm fine with it, but you may want to revise the rules. If not, why have they stuck around? And in that case can we get a section for art and literature? It don't think that the regular off-topic subforum would be the best place for it.
Would this feel best underneath off topic or in the existing art and lit section to people (a non-T sub)
Non-Terraria art and lit section? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Seriously, though, should be where all the other "non-Terraria" media is.
Yeah, I'm always bugging Kelp because I feel odd about putting my non-Terraria related poetry / stories in the Terraria section. It'd definitely get usage out of me, that's for sure. And yeah, probably in the Non-Terraria section, I'd say.

Not to echo everyone, just expressing my interest in it as well, since a lot of things are lost in the off topic forum. ;;
It might not be of much use for me now that I use a social group to organize my art stuff, but I always support off-topic art forums

I mean it kind of bothers me when I go to an art thread and I don't see anything related to Terraria [my own thread included]
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