PC Terrawars Y - $200 Prize - The greatest Terraria event ever


In a pure world, comes with a necessary evil. The three mighty factions look to rule that land - the bittersweet hallow, the mighty corruption, and the menacing crimson. Each player will be given tools and resources to fight, to expand, to support, or to defend. Are you able to serve your faction well, and raise on top?

Your goal is to spread your respective biome using a Clentaminator, and by the end of the event the team which has infested the highest percentage of the world will be deemed the victorious one. The champions will then face a free-for-all, in which the last survivor is granted ultimate victor, and claims the prize.

Gameplay Information:
  • The world is medium-sized, on expert mode
  • Characters are on forced mediumcore
  • The event will last roughly a week long

As of posting we have gained 50 players in roughly 2 days, but our factions are always looking for more. Join before May 1st!
Discord Invite - Join the Terrawars Y Discord Server!

Edit 5/26/22:
Terrawars Y concluded, with corruption coming victorious. However, if you're interested in joining more Terrawars in the future - Join this discord instead!
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