Tool TForge - The next Terraria modding API! [Coders needed]

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  1. Kirito [Lone Wolf]

    Kirito [Lone Wolf] Terrarian

    So, lately I have read what shockah said abouyt tAPI mostl likely being discontinued... and I decided to try to make a new working api, but my problem is im new to coding and need coders... But I will try my hardest to help and will hopefully build an active team to work on this.

    PM your application:





    Skype/ Steam:

    Coding Experience:
  2. Kirito [Lone Wolf]

    Kirito [Lone Wolf] Terrarian

    This will be updated and moved once I have a team and it will have the latest news about TForge!
  3. NightX

    NightX Terrarian

    Name: Igor Oliveira

    Age: 23

    Availability: Night time

    Timezone: -3 GMT

    Skype/ Steam: igchaos/NightX

    Coding Experience: Medium, but never tried game coding.
  4. Kirito [Lone Wolf]

    Kirito [Lone Wolf] Terrarian

    I have added you on steam, can't find you on skype but will take your app into consideration.
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