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The anxiety and hype , I can't help myself!


Hello dear Terrarians!

Now , as most of you probably are , I am always awaiting the next Terraria update (I am legitimately on my chair twiddling my thumbs wondering)

But the question that needs answering for my oh-so-anxious brain is , will their be more gear/bossing related updates? (LIKE REALLY MAJOR BIG ONES)

I have done a play-through with my bestfriend (Duoing it) and we just hit the celestial events and Moonlord and I can't tell you how bloody impressed I was with the animations (Celestial towers and the Moon Lord himself being the main centre of awe and the lunatic cultist was jaw-dropping aswell)

Will their be even bigger events than celestials? Will there be an even bigger baddie than Moonlord?

These are questions I've been asking ever since we hit Celestials.

Hopefully one of the current game-devs can answer or give a hint. (I'd give you a kiss each , you two in particular Cenx and Yrimir)


Dungeon Spirit
There won't be any higher-tier endgame content than the Moon Lord. He is the final boss.
The following updates are only adding content for the midgame as of now, with the previous few updates focusing on wiring, parties, and the underground desert. Terraria most likely may not have any more majorly-huge updates, so these small updates may be all we're getting for a while.
(Also Yrimir's not a dev, just another player who everyone thinks is cool :p)
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