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WIP The Astar


The Destroyer
I know I really shouldn't leave this idea unfinished but for now I felt I must post what ive got so far (which really isnt much) due to my internet problems it may not be finished for a while, anywho

The Astar (alternate hallow)

the astar is a biome with a pallet of mainly blues purples and pinks it is an alternate hallow for crimson worlds enemies loot and materials are based mostly on space and or stars

so far I have the tree grass and pixie alt

sparkle tree-
drops sparkle wood and acorns

astar grass-
spreads across dirt and converts normal grass
moonglow, wild astar grass, and flowers will grow atop astar grass blocks
vines will also grow underneath astar grass blocks

damage 60/120
max health 160/320
def 20
kb resist 60%

inflicts debuff silenced
inflicts debuff slowed

coins 3silver 60copper
1-3 astral dust
fast clock
spirit corn(mount item for the spirit bull my idea for the alt unicorn)

all I have so far I will attempt to post more as soon as I can but I don't know when that will be feedback is appreciated but might not be noticed until later on thanks:happy:


I appreciate the effort and work put into it. But terraria is not a alt game, by that I mean not everything needs an alt. Tho I love the idea it probably won't make it into the game. But you never know ;)
by the way I love the astrifly sprite


The Destroyer

I just wrote about 2 paRAghraphs of edit and AND IT DIDNT SAVE OR SOMETHING because now I have to leave and cant edit it again until I am back here which will be 2 weeks ughhhhhhhhh
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