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Pixel Art The Astonishing -K4NZ1llA's- Pixel Art :'v


Duke Fishron


"A psychotic concept, waiting from the deepest part of my strange imaginary world, for
somebody discover the most craziest ideas that I have created with pixels"

Hello People! My name is Psicotrolka, I am a Chilean Spriter, beginning at the pixel art, I created this thread for show my art to the others, and to offer my artist services for making free sprites to people who needs them.

So, hope you like my drawings and don't forget to leave comments :)

- @CaptainDeezGunz TerraGun.png
- @Ryan3aly3 (working on it)


Just x Fun!! :'D
Ilusion of Cthulu.png
Psico is Awesome.png
Reptile Profit.png
Frizo Monster.png
Cuadro Bonito 7u7.png
one more down


Maked for helping another posts :0


The Incredible NPC's!!! :3
Baron Magnus.png
Cap. Oourobaharo!.png
Coronel Hammer.png
Conrad, the No-Dead.png
DodgeNaut GG.png
Kid. Carnero.png
SkyWare Armor.png
Tesla armor.png
The Cult's Soldier.png


...And finaly; THE MOTHER:red:R WEAPONS!!!! >:V
Flame Revenge.png
SkyWare Repeater.png
SoulForge assault rifle.png
SoulForge hand gun.png
SoulForge Sniper rifle (2).png
SoulForge tactical rifle.png

Celestial Sword.png
SkyWare CloudHammer.png
SkyWare Drill.png
SkyWare Repeater.png
SkyWare ThunderSword.png


  • dibujospixelartv.zip
    179.1 KB · Views: 90
  • Black Hole Grenade.png
    Black Hole Grenade.png
    274 bytes · Views: 200
  • Black Hole.png
    Black Hole.png
    19.8 KB · Views: 292
  • Crocodile Mount.png
    Crocodile Mount.png
    2 KB · Views: 186
  • Crocodile Tail.png
    Crocodile Tail.png
    512 bytes · Views: 173
  • Duck Debuff.png
    Duck Debuff.png
    533 bytes · Views: 205
  • KanzillaProfile.png
    45.8 KB · Views: 158
  • mechanichal duck.png
    mechanichal duck.png
    579 bytes · Views: 191
  • mechanichal egg.png
    mechanichal egg.png
    317 bytes · Views: 149
  • Meteor Gauntlet.png
    Meteor Gauntlet.png
    521 bytes · Views: 157
  • Mohicano leshugah.png
    Mohicano leshugah.png
    1.4 KB · Views: 190
  • Nightmare.png
    17.4 KB · Views: 189
  • npc base.png
    npc base.png
    448 bytes · Views: 153
  • SkyWare RaySword.png
    SkyWare RaySword.png
    437 bytes · Views: 179
  • SoulForge sniper rifle.png
    SoulForge sniper rifle.png
    726 bytes · Views: 162
  • Vine Staff.png
    Vine Staff.png
    424 bytes · Views: 165
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OK, please bear with me on this one because I know this is a big ask but I'd like to make it explicitly clear that this can take as long as you want and that there's leeway with how the final product ends up looking since being creative is how I imagine you'd end up finish something like this. Basically this is a Touhou inspired Hallow boss, a meaning and grand looking fairy that flies above the player and is an optional fight like Fishron, which also means it's pretty difficult.

The core of the design is mostly human looking, being only slightly larger than the player.
Has complicated wings, either multiple and/or large by a factor of 2½ or so their height, here's one example.
Is accompanied by a large complex seal of sorts behind them, size ratio is whatever looks good whilst also being mostly visible.
AND IF POSSIBLE (stressing the if here), has some kind of Pete Mohrbacher twist involved, again being whatever's satisfactory to make for you.
Finally, a side request is a magic circle to overlap the player as a representation they are prohibited from using certain items/equipment.

Recommended to go at the pace that suits you best, and thanks at the very least for taking a look.
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