The Auto Trasher- Your days of infinite Mushrooms are over

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Is this a good idea?

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  2. Sure.

  3. It's ok.

  4. I don't like this. (Please explain why.)

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  1. Tas the Thing

    Tas the Thing Dungeon Spirit

    Have you ever been casually transporting yourself somewhere, and all of a sudden your inventory is filled with tons of useless items? Fear not, I present to you:

    (Sprite wanted...)

    The Auto-Trasher.

    Once placed, this furniture item will bring up a GUI when players right click it. It will also open that player’s inventory. (Similar to a chest.)

    The GUI would basically look just like an inventory row.

    Any item can be placed in the Auto-Trasher. Since right clicking it opens the GUI, when it receives a wire signal, any player touching it will receive the “Auto-Trashing” buff. This buff makes it so that when any item of the type that was placed in the auto-trasher enters your inventory, it will automatically be moved to the trash slot. For example, if you placed dirt in the auto-trasher and got the buff, any dirt you pick up will be destroyed. Your days of non-stop dayblooms and mushrooms are over!

    (Sprite for buff wanted... again...)

    This buff is canceled by quitting the game.

    This buff is not canceled by dying.

    This buff does not stack. Using another Auto-Trasher will just replace the old buff.

    If the cursor scrolls over the buff icon, a list of trashed items will appear. (Similar to the list of enemies that appears when hovering over the banner buff icon.)

    Crafted with 1 trash can, 15 iron/lead bars, 30 wire, 10 meteorite bars, and 5 blinkroot at an anvil.
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  2. DoctorMcDerp

    DoctorMcDerp Plantera

    Sure, I do get tired of missing rare drops because of blinkroot.
  3. ArmegeddonCraft

    ArmegeddonCraft Skeletron Prime

    I see no reason why it should be harmode only since its an extremely well balanced utility item.
  4. Tas the Thing

    Tas the Thing Dungeon Spirit

    Alright then.