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PC The blocks created by the ice rod should be swappable for other blocks


I don't know if the Ice Rod's blocks not being swappable is a bug, an oversight or some balancing decision, but making them swappable would be very nice for building.

Right now it's kinda inconvenient, cause when you're building something in mid air you have to either break the initial ice rod block, wait for it to despawn, or precisely place it from the start in a position where it won't be in your way.

The rod would be more builder-friendly if its blocks were swappable. I mean, cmon, does anybody really use it as a weapon or as the means to quickly block themselves out in a dangerous situation?

P. S. I don't think that we should add the reverse functionality, where any block could be swapped for a one created by the ice rod. That would kinda make the rod a strange pickaxe with extra steps :p


Skeletron Prime
I'm pretty sure it's not a bug.

The ice placed by the rod is a temporary, virtual block (being a summoned one), and when you mine it it doesn't drop a block. As it doesn't drop a block on mining, there is nothing to swap the block with. Essentially you would be swapping a block for nothing.

I am guessing it wasn't coded to swap a virtual block.
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