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Ideas for a Corruption Equivalent?[Mandatory]

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Damage: 72/100[Full Power]
Critical Chance: 48%
Knockback: 7
Use Time: 8
Crafting Recipe: Shadewood [3], Hallowed Bar [7], Ichor [2], Soul of Night [4], Ectoplasm [2]
'Lets paint the town red, shall we?'
Tier: Post-Plantera
Hits grant 2 minute buff which increase damage and crit chance by 7% [Causes transformed version]
[Full Power Version]
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Damage should be halved, now that I think about it. I thought that the right click was gonna be a one off attack and I was too lazy to redo it so I decided not to say anything about it.
EDIT: I take that back. This thing has no projectiles so I think it's good.
Stats will never change during usage based on weapon alone.

Phantasm has a charge up that's kinda like this, though not based on damage, but on use time (faster fire rate = more damage, it's basically the same), the Laser Machinegun does the same. The Bladetongue could be said to do more damage on your second hit, due to the defense reducing stream, and it would keep up that extra damage. The Aerial Bane also has it's own little ability, though I'm mostly sure that's not what you're talking about, it does do extra damage to flying enemies, as well as the Stake launcher doing a ton of damage to Vampires. The Charged Blaster Cannon has a charge up function, resulting in more damage (some other weapons have functions slightly like this, I.E. Medusa's Head). And the Last Prism does more damage the longer you hold it (to a smaller target anyways). I'm not sure if there's any more, but that should be enough to prove a point.

Weapons can have an ability to do more damage to certain enemies, and to fire faster the longer you use it, and to do more damage the longer you charge the weapon before firing. So while it would be unusual to do more damage because you hit something, it wouldn't be way off from other items in the game to add a sword that does more damage per hit or the longer you attack, though instead of a per hit basis I would change it to something akin to the Phantasm, the longer you use it the faster you use it.

I also noticed that there are a number of replies quoted that aren't actually there... just an observation. Very pointed though.
Ah, thaaat's what it means, thanks you for the explanation. I still don't get it why would it stop adding one such though.
Because there's no reason to have a stat change when you can implement the raw stats in the first place.
That's why we have all those weapons mentioned above by Reepicheep. And weapons that promptly change stats seemingly unrelated to them (Brand of the Inferno increases defense, wth?). And armors that stack various buffs after some hits. And even mounts that affect (depending on some conditions tunable by player, non-statically) our damage output, defense, enemy interaction and even sh00tz L@z0rZ! Yeah, totally makes sense to me now, we shall not think about weapons that ... do anything, it's too costly for the devs, I guess.
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