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PC The Christian Bible Texture Pack


Official Terrarian
Hello everyone this is my first post on the forums but I would like to say this first, I've loved this game for so long. I started on the Ps3 and ever since then I have played this game and I wanted to get in to making texture packs for a while, then I heard that terraria is officially adding texture pack support into the game so I knew I had to make one. In this pack it changes the Terraprisma into a Christian Bible and Cross.


  • CDR_Bible.zip
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Official Terrarian
Also if you are wondering why I made it a Christian cross and bible, I'm in a discord and it's called the Christian Discord so I made a texture pack based off of it.

Light Machina

Official Terrarian
great! Now all it needs is a small bit of remastering and a texture change to the hollow armour to that of the crusaders!
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