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PC The Crew


Skeletron Prime
Published by Ubisoft and created by Ivory Tower,

Not just for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1), but also for
-XBox 360

The Crew is a massively multiplayer online racing game (apparently) where you can customize rides, do missions, and play with friends throughout the entire United States.
The Crew Map:

The game features a wide range of cars revolving around five specs:
-Street Spec

This spec unlocks at level 1, the car tuner that makes cars street cars is in Detroit, in the Midwest.
These cars are good for cruising and cross-country road trips, making your car look stylish, and are good at steering.
Did I tell you? If you don't have then money to buy a new car that you want, you can BUILD one from 20 parts that you find around the respective parts of the U.S.
The Midwest Faction is the Wolves, and their events specialize in using Street Spec cars.

Next is the Dirt Spec:

This spec unlocks at level 10, the Dirt Car Tuner is in New York, on the East Coast.
These cars are good on trails, surprisingly good at drifting, and are good anywhere you can't trust the road's surface.
The East Coast faction is the Eagles, and their events specialize in using Dirt Spec cars.

Next is the Performance Spec:

This spec unlocks at level 20, the Performance Spec car tuner is in Miami, in the South.
Performance Spec cars sacrifice a little handling to gain the utmost speed. In this spec, do whatever it takes to make the car both as fast as possible but keep it road legal.
The South's faction is the Crocodiles, and their events specialize in using Performance Spec cars.

Next is the Raid Spec:

This spec unlocks at level 30, and the Raid Spec Tuner is in Las Vegas, in the Mountain States.
Raid Spec cars are built for all-terrain and don't need roads, and are extra tough. They can take the bumps easier than the other Specs.
The Mountain State's faction is the Snakes, and their events specialize in using Raid Spec cars.

Last, the Circuit Spec:

This spec unlocks at Level 40, and the Circuit Spec Tuner is in Los Angeles, on the West Coast.
Circuit Spec cars are extremely fragile, not road legal, but extremely quick and responsive, good on tracks such as Laguna Seca.
The West Coast's faction is the Bears, and their events specialize in using Circuit Spec cars.

As you progress through the game, you will have to grind events to get money for the car you want (or become rich in crew credits by joining a faction) and have different cars for each spec, or one car that's universally capable of all specs. For example, my Camaro SS is Street Spec, but I have a Dirt Spec Ford Focus, but I can choose to make my Camaro Dirt Spec as well since a FWD dirt car was too slippery for my liking. Any liveries used in one spec of car change upon change of spec to allow for unique paint jobs for cars of certain specs.

In this RPG, your car is your avatar. Discuss ANYTHING about the Crew in this thread (not because I need an achievement, that's silly!), such as meet-up times and places,
images that show off your flashy new car, or even just simple questions about the game. Ahead of time, if you don't like the handling, set down the sensitivity in the options and increase the linearity slightly, and it'll be slightly better.

It's $60.00 on Steam or UPlay, and you need a UPlay account to play The Crew.


Master of Ravens
Well, Ubisoft screwed up with Assassin's Creed unity, and they are offering this game completely free of charge to those who purchased the season pass for the game. So, I am still debating if I should even consider taking the offer. After all, who is to say this game won't require "Companion apps" to unlock content that is already purchased with your hard earned wallet? Oh wait, its free, so you only get what they want you to get for free...

I personally think Ubisoft is dead to me, after that screw up I am not even gonna touch another game from them, atleast, not gonna pay for it retail copies. Might just get some from friends, or rent, but they won't get a dime.


I was super exited to hear about this game, as I am most definitely a racing game enthusiast, but when I heard Ubisoft was releasing it, I was skeptical for obvious reasons. But it seems like the launch went fine and people are really enjoying it. Maybe one day I'll buy it but not at a $60 price tag. I really wish it didn't completely rely on being online all the time though. That's a little disappointing.
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