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Member-Run Project The Journal of the God Slayer: The story of planet D-003 "Sacrelegia"

[Genesys] Doomdesirer911

Official Terrarian
Time since the Cataclysm: 0 Aeons, 0 Years, 0 Cycles, 2 Days. Time: 4:36 PM. Population of the world: 3

We messed up.

The Godcleaver Device worked, but the consequences were extreme. As far as I can tell, the destruction of the device ended the lives of everyone through various means. Liquidification, rapid growths and decay, divine punishment, and monsterkind overwhelming the world. I can't find anyone alive. How did I survive? I really couldn't say. I am immense pain, and seem to have lost most of my magical capability. But that is to be expected. Why? I-...NGH... I can't... I can't rem...remember. Ugh... Where is everyone...?

To be continued.

[Genesys] Doomdesirer911

Official Terrarian
Time since the Cataclysm: 0 Aeons, 0 Years, 0 Cycles, 8 Days. Time: 7:18 AM. Population of the world: 3

There are three people remaining.

I have labeled myself D. I have no other identity. One of the two other surviving individuals is a younger gentleman, likely in his thirties. He goes by Andrew and is knowledgeable about most types of craft and manufacturing, despite being at a lack on where this knowledge came from. The other is an older gentleman tied to an ancient temple to the Underworld, and has yet to leave for inexplicable reasons. At night, he cries constantly and his tears are bloody. Likely a side effect of the deicide. Oddly this structure is one of few left in the world. I intend to use Andrew's assistance in making some basic crafting supplies and a lean to of sorts. For now, I write this log to keep my notes on paper should something come ill to me.

To be Continued.

[Genesys] Doomdesirer911

Official Terrarian
Time since the Cataclysm: 0 Aeons, 1 Years, 3 Cycles, 13 Days. Time: 4:37 PM. Population of the world: 3

It took over a year, but I beat through it and made a house. Good lord... the world is falling apart. It isn't pretty.
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