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Short Story The Leviathan's Trology: Calamity Mod lore-based story


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Greetings. Without futher ado - the story you're about to read is heavily inspired by DM DOKURO music theme that he made for The Leviathan from Calamity Mod. It is heavily based of official Calamity Mod lore taken from Gamepedia wiki prior to mod update, where Siren Lure became entity separate from The Leviathan itself. It also possesses small story addition, which I've been talking through with lore-maker to make the story fit within the intended idea.
English isn't my native language, and originally I had some good help with proofreading. But proofreading is incomplete, so if you see any grammar errors or such, please feel free to mark them with commenting option in Google Docs. Thank you in advance.

Use one of these links if you prefer to read the whole thing at once:

Or refer to short, separated parts of the story:

Big thank you to @Sentri for proofreading my story, as well as to @MountainDrew for his incredible job at Calamity Mod. As well as to anyone reading this for checking out my creation.

Also please check out the amazing illustration for this story by KetrinDarkDragon!
Her deviantArt: https://ketrindarkdragon.deviantart.com/
Her art Twitter: https://twitter.com/ketartdragon

Comments and critique are much appreciated.

P.S.: there is a possibility of more Calamity Mod lore-based stories, probably of similar length, mayhaps shorter. And probably mostly revolving around game bosses, since those are main lore containers.
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Small update: added WordPress link to the story, as well as amazing illustration by KetrinDarkDragon!


ok, there are people requesting more, and i agree, but i didn't see anyone saying how great this is. really. it's better than anything i wrote about terraria, and anything i saw before this. (not counting the official lore DM DOKURO removed from the comments, we all have to agree, that was insane)

if you ever write more about calamity, i'm sure it's going to be great! good work and thank you for this little masterpiece!

EDIT: that drawing is so cool, is it just me or in-game the leviathan looks sad? during the fight, its eyes make it look like it's about to cry...
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