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Why I didn't think of this sooner, I do not know. Why are we so obsessed with locking chests? Why not have lockers? They would measure 2x4. They would have one variant for all furniture sets. They would have half the storage of a chest, because they can be locked via the combo lock (1 iron/lead bar, 2 cogs). Lockers can be placed directly on top of one another.

Combo locks will be usable only on lockers, and once placed, are bonded to the locker until the locker is removed, at which time the lock is destroyed. A locker can only have one combo lock. When a combo lock is placed on a locker, the player sets the combo with arrows kinda like this:
Or like this:
«00» «00» «00»
The numbers will go up to 29.
Once the combo is set, it is permanent.

Now, only those who know the combo can get at the goods.

Note: a fun idea i had is that the locks will make ticking sounds when you cycle through the numbers. However, when you cycle to any of the three numbers in the code, it will tick ever so slightly louder. This will make lock-picking possible and interesting. Though, it will take time, so you can discover would-be thieves before it is too late.

For another idea I had on the subject, click here.
YES I have seen MANY MANY MANY threads about locks and lockers and things of that sort but this is most likely my favorite. Although I suggest instead that once the combo is set it is permanent it can be reset by placing it back down. Just in case you forget (like me`:confused:)! I particularly favor this because of lock picking, for that would make a great mini game! Great Idea!
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