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PC Locking Chest

Which parts do you like?

  • The crafting process

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • The serial number idea

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  • The linked keys

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  • The the key ring

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • The one key at a time thing

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Other (please specify)

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Skeletron Prime
Now, I know there have been many different ideas for this, but how is this:

A chest can be crafted normally or using 4 extra bars of iron/lead. This second recipe will craft the chest with a fixed, unique-to-the-world, consecutive, five digit hexadecimal code, identifying the chest, like a serial number. (Hopefully, having them in order will help people find the correct key.) In addition, a key will be crafted with the same code. You can add a name to the chest, but you cannot remove the code. All chests made with the extra bars will have the prefix "Locking" when in your inventory, and the suffix of their identification number.

A chest crafted this way also comes with a key with a matching number. Locking chests will lock automatically upon closing, and if the correct key is used on them, they simply open. The lock does not dissapear as it does on gold chests or shadow chests.

The key ring: The key ring is made of 3 iron/lead bars, 5 souls of night, and 30 souls of flight, and allows unique keys to be kept together in one slot. The key ring glows and flies behind you. It doesn't provide light. It only lights itself, and has no combat function. It is kind of like a pet, but not a pet. It has no maximum speed, and can follow you without falling behind. It will always show three keys, regardless of how many keys are actually on it. The key ring will contain every key for every locking chest you craft, and it will have a gear slot under the grappling hook. By hovering over the key ring, you will see all the numbers of the keys in your key ring. By hovering over the key ring and scrolling, you will highlight/select different keys in the key ring. Only the selected key will be active, so you have to have the right key out to unlock your chest. You can also right click the key ring to remove the selected key in order to give it to someone else if you want.

Now, as the chest has a unique number, the chest and the key are both unique items and cannot stack or be replaced. The key cannot be placed in the trash; it will be destroyed automatically when the corresponding chest is picked up, placed in the trash, and permanently destroyed.

The reason for making only one key usable at a time is to discourage having zillions of your own locked chests. Regular chests are fine, and really, how many private chests do you need in multiplayer?

For another idea I had on this subject, click here.
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Skeletron Prime
I'm sorry my explanation was unclear.

Because of the five digit hexadecimal code each chest bears, there could be over one million locking chests in the world at once. The thing is, you have to select the correct key to open each chest. This can be done by hovering the mouse over the key ring and scrolling with the scroll wheel. Just like a real key ring, the existence of the key on the ring does no good if you are using a key that opens something else. You could easily use twenty or so chests before finding the right key became bothersome.
[DOUBLEPOST=1445062199,1445062084][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh, here is an idea: renaming the locking chest will add the new name to the corresponding key.
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