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WIP The Phoenix Nest of Literature


Opening Letter

Hello everyone! I have come to do a few things with this thread post so let's get introductions out of the way. I am Lucious, one who wishes to try and make my mark on the community and help it in the process. I have decent enough writing skill that I hope will show in my own writing, though forgive me when it is not all that professional (I struggle with commas :3). With that out of the way, let me explain why I am here.​

I hope to add to the community in the aspect of writing. I know that the old writing contest of the far history of these forums is gone and adding large detailed stories and even some larger short stories to the creation compilation is a bit difficult aside from just giving a list of hyperlinks with little context. Not to say that I don't absolutely love the creation compilation with all my heart, because I do and have posted to it before, BUT with that said I also know it is hard. I hope that using this thread that not only can I get the personal will to start writing again with everyone's opinions of my writing, but more importantly have some supports to this project. I hope to bring back a place where literature is more recognized, and possibly awarded, like the old contest. I may not know why, but I can assume how they were removed. Writing takes a long time and is not very popular art style. All that being said, I don't want to compete with the art section (we would lose) and don't want to replace anything. As I said earlier I just want whatever mark I leave here to be beneficent to everyone.

My second reason is just obviously wanting to reinstate my own place of work to have my own will to write be restored, and for my style to be critiqued and fixed. I would love the support for my writing, and so this thread will be my place where I post my poems and small stories, and will link to my far larger stories! I welcome you to the worlds I create in Terraria, if you're reading this Red let it please your eye holes! I try to focus on the more serious aspects of stories and literature, so I warn those that I don't very often write for the 'fun and bliss' of the world of Terraria, and so my writing themes and situations will follow suit. So if your up for some serious writing, you've come to the right place!

Lastly, (I promise to stop talking soon) this is a work in progress, so progress is in work. I plan to add a news section to keep tabs on things that change, so you can have a generally good forecast on things, I will start doing commissions at some point when I can get a clear schedule worked up (I am about to graduate and turn 18, times are busy!), and I very obviously have to write something and post it, or else this opening letter is going to be the only thing in this nest of literature. Then Loki will come and yell at me for leaving an empty thread or maybe a mod will, then Redigit would be disappointed with all of you and-ugh can't have that. With that said, I do humbly promise to get this set up as quickly as my schedule of chaos will allow! Thank you for your time!


~No news~

/Commissioned Work



You only need you.
You only need your hands to create the world that is given to you, for you are made of the same elements as the world itself.
You only need your mind to imagine the greatest of worlds, for it is the world’s ideas that created it in the first place.
You only need your emotions to judge the actions you take in your world, for the world has already shown you how to decide when it took action to make you.
You only need your beliefs to shape you're own path that is unique to others, for the world that created you is just as unique.
You only need your wits to survive the tough world that lays in front of you, for the world has survived for longer than our mind can comprehend.
You only need your heart to beat for what your hands created.
For what your mind has created.
For what your emotions has judged.
For what your beliefs have shown.
For your ability to survive and live happily.
For your heart was created by the very essence of the world which has given you these fragments of itself when it created you.
The world has chosen you to wield it, controlled by or itself being whatever you believe.
For this reason, here or in Terraria:
You only need you.
Top of the poem

Short Stories

~No Short Stories~


~No Short Stories~

Help Wanted

-A decent editor
~Will be updated~

Editing Notes

Editing in my dark room thirty minutes past midnight is very tiring. :3

I finished the first piece of work! Things are going smoothly~

End All Goal

Let's all remember the end all goal here. Past the stories and poetry I present, it is worth reiterating that my goal here is to bring a new light to the writing community as a general. And the key to this is exactly that-community. The only thing that keeps a goal that can be only completely by a well bound community is the evil thought that your comment or your support will not count, because if this was the mindset of everyone, we would not be getting anywhere at life. I hope that I can have your support in this project. If you support the idea I would like you to post or like or send me a message. I will watch how much of our community of writers shows support, and will attempt to use this to propel the justification of having a place where the many many stories can permanently shine~​
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