The Polar Shovel - A Shovel Knight Homage


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I got this idea while I was outside shoveling snow. We all know this guy, correct?
(Thanks for fixing it up @Pumpking!)
Well, my idea is for his shovel to be a rare drop (1%) from wolves in a Snow biome, as they look alike to the wolves in Polar Knight's level. It can also be dropped by Armored Vikings, since that is where Polar Knight's inspiration came from. It will be a Hardmode drop that does 60 melee damage and casts a snowball similar to a boulder that does 60 damage as well. A suggestion by @SzGamer227, the Polar Shovel will use SnowBlocks for ammunition. I know, people hate RNG but it's a referential item, it isn't meant to be common.

Thanks to @Robotoh for the sprite!
Thank you for viewing my suggestion, and if you have anything to add, leave it below! Good day, ladies and gents!

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Would it also be able to dig, or is it just a melee weapon?

Edit: Mayby it should dig up several tiles at the same time instead of the normal 1 by 1.
Kinda like a small bomb...?
As its meant to be a weapon, I think it would annoy people trying to use it nearby their own structures.
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