PC The Posse equipment set


To summarize it, think of it like summoner - but you can force monsters into your posse and have them fight for you.
The armor set made for this boosts the stats of monsters in your "party", as well as affecting your ability to possess monsters of varying strengths (I.E. weak armor won't allow you to possess mid-tier monsters from mid-game, high-end armor lets you possess weak monsters with ease as well as high-end). The armor also dictates how many monsters can be under your control.

And the weapon you use works like the Magic Missile, but has a unique alternate function that lets you "possess" said monster to join your team, without which means you don't have any aide to assist you in a brawl. The weapon comes with different and unique functions per tier, but retains the same alternate abilities.

What stands out from your typical Possessor is that your "posse" is NOT invulnerable, like summons are. Also, releasing them from your grip causes them to turn aggressive immediately. Once they die, you need to recruit a new one. Bosses can NOT be recruited, they are simply too powerful.

But, monsters under your control are significantly stronger than their normal variants, come with unique appearances to indicate the influence over them (which means custom sprite work), will attack anything hostile immediately like summons do...

And Posse monsters come with one or more abilities, powers, etc; that their normal variants do not possess.
  • Zombies can drop into a invulnerable pile of flesh when slain and revive later at half-health - effectively having a second life.

  • Demon eyes split into two more eyes when slain.

  • Slimes come with different elemental affinities depending on color (greens just have extra slime-lets that swarm enemies present).

  • Mimic's increase the likelihood of rare loot dropping when delivering the finishing blow, and will pick up loot for the player.

  • Cave bats will release a sonar wave that reveals enemies nearby before charging in to attack.

  • Skeletons will hang back when throwing bones, and make power leaps forward to pursue targets when in melee range.

  • Worms will burrow like usual to charge at enemies but will grow extra segments for every enemy the worm manages to kill - increases size, length, maximum health and damage).
So on and so forth, different enemies possess different abilities and powers that best suit the players needs.

(Should Posse's be able to be healed? Should it be half of the effect restored, excluding some monsters? 1/4th of the effect? A debate would help.)
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