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Adventure The Relics of Veitos (Trailer Released! Game needs more time in the oven...)


Yes I said GAME. I.E. complete with what could pass for bosses, inspired by that Castlevania map. Always wanted to do one of these things...and hey I figured why not reserve a post too.

It's my first real Terraria project as well, so I hope it's fun for you guys! I do have a demo of the game to whet your appettite. Attached.

Deleted the demo because THE FULL GAME IS NOW OUT!!


  • Relics of Vaitos.wld
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Version 1.1 IS NOW OUT.


Fixed an issue with the Moon not displaying correctly in Stage 1

Fixed a music issue with the Stage 3 boss

Expanded final section in last stage. I accidentally only used half the area I was supposed to.

More cave formations in bonus level.

The palace in Stage 2 is more majestic looking - required an expanded greenhouse to prevent a sequence break.

Replaced fog machines in first level with a graveyard biome.

Other minor fixes.


So, I've just beat the map, took me maybe a couple of hours (not counting the secret because I softlocked myself by mistake), and I really liked it! Here's some feedback:

The story, at least for me, did not really caught up my attention, but it wasn't the focus (at least for me)

I really like how the 'mini bosses' are set up, though it sometimes it can get boring like the Hoplite, which was basically spamming the mouse until you kill him, only dealing 1 damage. I think the fight would benefit a lot if you were given a slightly better weapon. I really enjoyed the bits with the eyes, you had plenty of room to maneuver around and the fight took an appropiate amount of time, it was fun.

I really like the buildings, my favorite one is the cloud maze.

I also really liked the parkour/platforming, specially the jumps with fading blocks. However, there are a couple of jumps that feel waaay to precise (specially at the very start of the map), and it´s more annoying than anything else.

As I played the map, I found several Mana Crystals, which I found useless because you were not given a magic weapon besides the Finch Staff, which obviously doesn't need a lot of mana.

Also, I did not find use for the Tinkerer´s Workshop; none of the accesories I had on that point of the game could combine, and because at that stage you had to trash your wings, there was no need to manage your accesories; which was a shame because I thought it could have been a interesting concept to play with.

I really think you would benefit a lot more if this forum page had more screenshots of the map and maybe a list of features.

Overall, a really solid map with a bit of everything for everyone, and will keep you entertained for a couple of hours. I think it deserves more attention.


Heyyyyy thanks! Any other pointers to give me, should I start working on a sequel? And where did you softlock yourself? Need to fix that.


Heyyyyy thanks! Any other pointers to give me, should I start working on a sequel? And where did you softlock yourself? Need to fix that.

It's totally my fault, because by mistake I placed blocks that I got when I used bombs, which blocked my way back, and I couldn't break them because I had no tools to do so.

A sequel could be nice, I think. I would totally try it, it would be good stuff. :happy:


Official Terrarian
hey i found a bug-ish thing on your map
when playing shifting walls dungeon guardians are constantly spawning and i can't stop them


Version 1.2 is coming soon, now that I actually want to do Terraria stuff again. I want to make another secret area, as well as fix more things that are bothering me.
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