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tModLoader The Scientist mod



The Scientist mod is a content mod that adds the Scientist class to the game and aims to explain the Terraria world more "scientifically".

The main strength of the scientist class is the wide variety and availability of accessories that can increase the stats of your weapons and give them special effects, such as inflicting debuffs.
Every science weapon has a certain Power Requirement, which determines how high your Power level needs to be to use that weapon. Batteries are the main source of power, and they don’t take any accessory slots. The catch is that you can only use one battery at a time. You can also gain power from other sources, such as accessories. Note that power only determines whether you can use a weapon and is NOT consumed when the weapon is used.

You can "research" certain items, biomes and bosses from vanilla and the mod by crafting them or other items related to them into their research items. These are a bit like the Calamity lore items, but they tell a short scientific explanation instead of a story.

The scientist mod is heavily work in progress, so currently it does not have much content and may be unbalanced or contain bugs. You can report any you find bugs here or suggest changes or additions.

This is also my first serious mod.

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