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You should add detail! When would you get it? How would it work?

you could maybe get it from the ice elemental or a mob that can be later added to the snow biome. the pet/summon can be a wolf or an ice fairy
another idea is like another version of the amber mosquito as you can get it from slush and could be like a fossilized tusk that can be a baby wooly mammoth
idk these are just some of my ideas for it (I mostly like the wolf and mammoth idea) the ice fairy is a summon the wolf can be either (your choice if you choose wolf) and the mammoth is a pet I also have other ideas if you need inspiration.
Here' some slightly more interesting Granite and Marble slimes:
Hey Phoenix! I decided to get Piskel program that you use. Seen you say on another thread that you use it so I decided to get it. It's looking good so far! :D
It is time! Time to d-d-d-duellllllllllllllllll!
Just kidding.
Now then, it is actually time to announce our suggestion winners! Before we do that, thank all of you for your amazing ideas!
Now, there are a lot of winners, so prepare yourself:
- @CW3D's Mech Slime and Snowballs suggestion!
- Some of @Vladimier's amazing ideas (we'd use more of them if the images weren't broken :p)
- @infernon's Chapparal Yoyo!
- @SnugBoat's resprites (plez do moar, my sprites suck xD)
- @MiningdiamondsVIII's nifty information device ideas (we may need to look into coding them first, though)
Thanks again, I'm looking forward to seeing all your amazing suggestions next week! If we see so many amazing ideas next week, we'll be choosing way more than one again :D
Yu gi oh now? lol
Had this piece of junk lying around too , perhaps you can make it into something. I didnt just wanna post sprites




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Executioners Lance

48 Melee damage
Average speed
5% Critical strike chance
Average knock back
- Ignores all Armor

Purifiers Rod

64 Magic damage
Mana usage 13
Very Fast speed
2% Critical strike chance
None (knock back)
- Charge to fire a continuous laser beam , hitting terrain leaves damaging fire like Molotov (lifetime 3 seconds)

Watchers Hunter

58 Ranged Damage
Slow speed
14% Critical strike chance
Average knock back
Consumes:Rocket ammo
- Fire three slow moving enemy seeking missiles, if all three hit your next shot increases Critical strikes by 10%.
*Tip:Once missiles detect an enemy the missile will violently charge and explode towards the enemy.
Seeker projectile:
Pretty much all of these are broken except for the Corrupted one :p
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