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tModLoader The Story of Red Cloud... Has Finally Been Ported to TML!

Tim Hjersted



The Story of Red Cloud is a massive Dark Souls-inspired adventure built inside the world of Terraria using a custom map, mod and companion soundtrack. Your journey will span 17 dungeons spread across an expansive and inter-connected world, offering a 15 to 30+ hr experience for a first playthrough.​

0.Download tModLoader from Steam: tModLoader on Steam

1.Open tModLoader and select Mod Browser, then search for The Story of Red Cloud or tsorc. Download and load the TSORC Revamp mod.

2.Add these optional, recommended mods: Recipe Browser & Terraria Ambience.

3.On the main menu screen, click the text prompt to download the TSORC Music Mod.

4.Create a new character named Red Cloud.

5.On the world selection screen, select "The Story of Red Cloud." Then play!

*17 dungeons spread across a large open world filled with villages, forests, mountains, lakes, temples, deserts, and hidden paths
*33 bosses (11 vanilla plus 22 mod bosses).
*100+ new NPCS including 8 friendly NPCs.
*Companion Soundtrack with 32 songs (Dark Souls and Zelda fans will love it).
*Over 700 new mod items, weapons, and armors, both original and remixed from two dozen of the best classic mods from the community
*Many hours of secret post-game content.
*Dark Souls game mechanics.

*Unique "Bearer of the Curse" difficulty mode
*Dodge roll action with iframes and stamina meter (bind it to any key via controller settings)
*Bonfires used for save points and inventory storage
*Companion music soundtrack updated with 23 new songs
*Dozens of scripted enemy events
*4 new end-game dungeons
*Mods ported from tConfig to TModLoader for easy installation and updates
*Major tile, wall and sprite updates across the entire map utilizing Terraria 1.3 assets
*Added almost all weapons, armor, potions and accessories from vanilla 1.2-1.3
*Added all 1.2-1.3 vanilla bosses and mini-biomes (ice, desert, crimson, marble, beehive, granite)
*New/altered paths, shortcuts, and tweaks to several dungeons and areas
*Item rebalancing in almost all chests
*New enemies, revamped bosses, new content, quality of life changes...
*And more! See the mile-long changelog for the map here and the tsorcRevamp mod here.

While the game is almost complete and getting close to its official 1.0 release, we're currently seeking feedback and suggestions from folks interested in testing the beta.
The current build includes all items, enemies and bosses from the original mod, plus a growing number of new additions. Development is focused on revamping enemies, late-game balance and bosses, and adding new content.

We currently need:
*Spriters (most of all), as we'd like to resprite several old sprites and create new enemies and bosses
*Beta-testers to provide map/mod feedback and suggestions
*We have several coders but the more the merrier.

If you're a fan of Dark Souls and Terraria, this is the mod for you!
We'd love to have you join the community, in whatever casual or regular capacity.


Please share your feedback and suggestions under #any-suggestions or #bug-reports.
Post map related feedback to #map-suggestions-bugs.

The changelogs can be found under #mod-changelog and #map-changelog.

TSORC holds many secrets. If you have questions, post them to #map-questions or #mod-questions.

*Adventure Mode should stay checked in the TSORC mod config options to play with the custom map.

*Read signs in the order you come to them.

*Read all item tool-tips for hints and game clues, especially mod items.

*Don't move vanilla NPCs like the Wizard, Mechanic or Goblin Tinkerer until you've found them in game. Modded NPCs may be moved.

*On death, you will drop all your Dark Souls and have one chance to recover them. For a more forgiving experience, you can turn this off in the mod's Config options.

*New dodge roll action with i-frames can be bound to any key in the mod's config options.

*Multiplayer is supported but we're still ironing out bugs. Post issues you find under #bug-reports. Thanks! The map supports up to 3 players. Class diversity recommended. Dark Souls will not drop on death in MP.

"This is an AMAZING game. It's one of the best Metroidvanias I've ever played. Nothing since Castlevania: DoS and Metroid Fusion kept me this entertained. I've been lost in hours from playing this game." - Xcyper33

"Your mod is absolutely astounding. I've been playing it for a few days now and am definitely looking forward to your next update! The amount of work and effort put forth in this project really shows, and the result is nothing short of spectacular." - Clutch

"Story of Red Cloud is something I consider to be the best mod-custom map combo in the history of Terraria." - Azure Alph

"This is literally the best map I've played for Terraria. It feels like a game on its own." - Ziggerath

"I've always been a huge fan of TSORC (6+ completions)" - Boooo

"You did an amazing job with this map and mod, making something so freaking good. Words can't describe how much I enjoyed it the first time, and how glad I am that it exists. The custom soundtrack got me to watch Princess Mononoke, one of my new favorite movies, and your mod convinced me to try [Legend of Zelda] and [Dark Souls], which are now some of my favorite games too." - Kariemelhanan000

"Your adventure map brought me a lot of joy even though I couldn't beat the final boss and thus not enter superhardmode." - Melly the WM

"The Story Of Red Cloud is one of the most impressive and ambitious mods to be released so far... the world [is] is well designed, and the many dungeons are complex, multi-layered things with plenty of switches, mechanisms, traps, blind drops and obstacles." - Dominic Tarason, IndieGameMag.com

Tim Hjersted aka Vibrent / Everything. Ahhh! :p

MOD REVAMP (tsorcRevamp.tmod)
Zeodexic / programmer
RecursiveCollapse / programmer
Chroma Equinox / programmer
JayTeff / programmer
W1k / coding help
NephilimDeath / sprites
Blasfah / sprites
Frous / sprites + beta testing
Mddznyan / sprites
MarfMasterofDesaster / beta testing
Vibrent / feedback + light modding

ORIGINAL MOD (tConfig Edition)
Tim Hjersted / Mod Director + Dark Souls concept + New content + Mod Remixing & Compiling
Yoraiz0r / Dark Souls + Dual Wielding + More Dark Souls features
Omnir / Omnir's Mod
W1k / W1k's Mod + help
Draykon / Dark Souls + Curtain of Bullets, Endgame
Surfpup / No mining or placing tiles code
Obsidian54 / Obsidian's Mod
blahblahbal et al / Avalon Mod
VortexJ / Unobtanium
Zoodletec / Necro Pack
Kujulo / Kujulo's Mod DLC
Dogsonofawolf / NPCs
Reborn Team / Reborn Mod
Phlebas / Debuffs code
FatObeseBird / League of Legends
NerdyBoy, Reactorcore / Alchemistry
PolarBMD / Terraria_
Delra / Monster Hunter Mod
KaneStaff / Zelda Mod
FrosTr / FrosTr's Misc Pack
Scooterboot9697 / Metroid Mod
Pwnager / Empowered Endgame
SuperWeegee1 / Dream (Also credit Dream Team)
Mitchellex / WululuAcheld / Phoenix Down & Bookmarks
Wooren / Sprites
Sapharan / Legend of Sapharan
Flashkirby99 / Flashkirby's Weapons Mod
Zero-Exodus/Omnir / Dark,Blood,Crystal Knights, Dark Cloud Sprites
Heartstone25 / Covenant of Artorias blood moon code
Ace the Best / Ace The Best's Final Fantasy Modification
Solenix / Vertigo Elemental
MiraiMai / Duel Wielding mod aka Mainslot-0
Eikester / Made Game Launcher and improved tConfig installation

Tim Hjersted / Update director + new content and polish, see the original change log for more
Grox The Great / coding help
Zoodletech / content + sprites
Avalon mod team / coding help
Wooren / spritesOmnir / content + coding help
Yorai / coding help
Blahblahbal / coding help
Flashkirby99 / mod content
Zero-Exodus / sprites
Scooterboot and W1k / Serris boss
Whale Cancer / sprites
Ace the Best / sprites
Sapharan / select Legend of Sapharan content
Heartstone25 / coding help
Phlebas / debuff code
Solenix / select Vertigo Elemental content

*Yoraizor (is responsible for virtually all of the unique features related to the Dark Souls aspects of the mod and has always been super helpful)
*Surfpup (made tConfig - would have never attempted to get into modding without tconfig's added accessibility.
*Surfpup again for updating tConfig to version 0.36, making TSORC playable again in 2018! Hurray!
*W1k (helped me a ton with mod questions)*Draykon (made the initial Dark Souls mechanic for the mod in like 3 hours!)
*Diggaroo, Zebri and Triangular Satellite (each made a great trailer for the mod)
*Omnir (a ton of the mod content is from his Omnir mod. The guy just pumps out tons of quality work)
*Binary Construct (made the Tedit map editing program - couldn't have made the map without it)
*Yoraizor (did I mention how helpful he's been? Can't thank him enough for helping me all the times I've been stumped by a mod issue)
*Eikester (made Game Launcher and improved tConfig installation)

CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK (tsorcMusic.tmod)
This is the music soundtrack for The Story of Red Cloud, compiled and audio-mixed by Vibrent (updated for TmodLoader & Terraria 1.3.5). All credit and thanks for these songs go to the original composers and remixers and are used here under Fair Use.

Titles in "". Author credit in ().
Boss 1 / "Dark Souls 3: Ludex Gundyr" (Tsukasa Saitoh / From Software)
Boss 2 / "Battle of Stoicism" (Motoi Sakuraba / From Software)
Boss 3 / "Dark Souls 3: Abyss Watchers" (From Software)
Boss 4 / "Bloodborne: The First Hunter" (From Software)
Boss 5 / "Dark Souls 3: Slave Knight Gael" (From Software)
Boss 6 / "Dark Souls: Knight Artorias" (From Software)
Cavern / "Metroid Prime 2 - Torvus Bog Entrance" (Kenji Yamamoto)
Corruption / Dark Souls Abyss ambient sounds (From Software) + "Hive Tunnel - Metroid Prime 2" (Nintendo)
Crimson / "Super Metroid: Crateria Zebes Planetfall (Interior)" (The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra)
Desert / "Forest Temple - The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess- " (Nintendo)
Dungeon / Ocarina of Time - Spirit Temple Reorchestrated / Majora's Mask - Stone Tower Temple Reorchestrated (ZREO)
Eerie / "Lakebed Temple - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" (Koji Kondo)
Hallow / "Skyward Sword - Skyview Temple Reorchestrated" (ZREO)
Jungle / "Ocarina of Time - Fire Temple Reorchestrated" (ZREO)
Mushrooms / "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Goddess Mission" (Hajime Wakai, Shibo Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama, Koji Kondo)
Night / "Skyward Sword - Separation" (Nintendo) / "Skyward Sword - Sealed Temple" (Nintendo)
Ocean / "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Sailing the Sand Sea"(Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii) mixed with desert wind sounds
Overworld Day / "A Link to the Past - Dark Overworld Theme Reorchestrated" (ZREO) / "The Minish Cap - Mt. Crenel Reorchestrated" (ZREO)
Rain / "Faron Woods" (ZREO)
Sandstorm / "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - Attack on Vah Naboris" (Nintendo)
Space / "Chozo Statue Awakens" (The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra)
Pillars / "Dark Souls - The Ancient Dragon" (From Software)
Underground / "Ocarina of Time - Forest Temple Reorchestrated" (ZREO)
Underground Corruption / "Twilight Princess - Arbiters Grounds" (Nintendo)
Underground Crimson / "Brinstar - Underground Depths" (The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra) mixed with "Dark Souls Ambient Sounds - Pinwheels Sarcophagus (From Software)"
Underground Desert / "Desert Temple - Minecraft Dungeons" (Johan Johnson)
Underground Eerie / "Great Bay Temple, TLOZ: Majora's Mask" (Koji Kondo, Nintendo)
Underground Hallow / "The Minish Cap - Temple of Droplets Reorchestrated" (ZREO) / "Ocarina of Time - Water Temple Reorchestrated" (ZREO) / "Oracle of Ages - Nayru's Song Reorchestrated" (ZREO)
Underground Mushrooms / "Ocarina of Time - Temple of Time" (ZREO)
Snow / "Dark Souls - Crystal Caves Ambient Sounds" (From Software)
Underground Snow / "Metroid Prime 2: Torvus Bog Subterranean Theme" (Kenji Yamamoto)
Underworld / "Pinwheels Sarcophagus - Ambient Sounds, Dark Souls" (From Software)

Mixed in as transitions in certain songs:
"Cave Ambience" (Jross aka Xeltic89)
"Frog Chorus" (Echoes of Nature album by American Wilds)
"Deep Woods" (Echoes of Nature album by American Wilds)
"Crickets" (Echoes of Nature album by American Wilds)

ZREO = Zelda Reorchestrated : http://www.zreomusic.com/



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I played through this map/mod back when it first came out nearly ten years ago and it blew me away how good it was. So much effort went in to designing the map, filling it with detail, all the clever ways of gating progress and balancing out the progression path to make it satisfying. Honestly it's genuinely one of the best ways to experience Terraria.

I've been playing this revamped version over the past couple weeks and not only does it maintain that original magic, the way it incorporates the content added since the first version (made for Terraria 1.1!) all the way up to 1.3.5 is really cool. At no point did it feel dated, it manages to still feel fresh and I'm really loving it.

All in all, the team has done some incredible work not only porting but improving the original project. 10/10


I can't describe in words how thrilled I was to see it. All I can say is that I will be playing him in the next new flow

Hootle The Owlet

Official Terrarian
I-I thought this was going to be related to the cloud that looks like redigit.

I mean, when tmodloader is ready for 1.4, I might just check this out

Tim Hjersted

New map update is out now.
You can download it here: https://www.curseforge.com/terraria/maps/story-red-cloud/download

MAP 0.3.16
Fix for door that could block you from the final boss room if you die

MAP 0.3.15
Added two events and new rooms for Path of Pain (goes with the latest mod update)
Fixed two puzzles that were passable but not working as intended
Changed entrance to secret near ???
Added lanterns to bridge near Earth Temple
More crimson texture in areas of PoP
Fewer jumps needed in mountain maze
Fixed door that couldn't open in village
Added Shadewood wall to room with EoC
Increased height of EoW 2 room
Somewhat painstakingly finished adding stone walls to Forgotten City
Added more details to FC room and other nearby areas
Added more statues in two dungeons
+1 Pocket Mirror
Touched up Catacomb walls missing grey paint
Added more detail to entrance to Catacombs
Added puzzle clue near Forgotten City

The companion mod "tsorcRevamp" also got a hefty update yesterday. Here's the changelog for that. You can get the update from TModLoader.

Version "the potion bag update"

New Additions:

- Added a Potion Bag. The Potion Bag can store up to 28 different potion types, and supports permanent potions, as well as Quick Buff/Heal/Mana hotkeys on potions inside the bag. All new characters will start with a Potion Bag, otherwise it has a very simple recipe
- Events can now have spawned enemies drop items they do not normally drop as a bonus reward for clearing the event
- Several new events have been added

Fixes / Changes:

- Fire Lurkers now have a telegraph on their ranged attack to make them more fair to fight
- Lifegems have been made much rarer to account for the Estus Flask
- Tibian Valkyrie and Tibian Amazon only throw their weapon when in range of their target and have better accuracy
- Dworc Voodoomasters has more predictable patterns to make them more fair to fight
- Changed the spawn locations of Lothric and Hollow type enemies
- Event NPCs now auto-despawn if there is no living player
- Serris now properly spawns both worms, and edited Serris' spawn text to communicate that there are indeed supposed to be two of them
- The lunar pillars have much higer spawn rates, but dying resets their shield strength
- Dark Cloud's Dark Flow attack should be prettier and more consistent
- Initial download of the custom map should no longer create a corrupt world under certain circumstances
- Several new enemies have been prevented from spawning in Adventure Mode
- Some vanilla enemies can now spawn in locations they couldn't previously
- Bearer of the Curse's stamina drain has been adjusted slightly, and certain weapons that did not drain stamina now do
- The first event now drops a Dodgeroll Memo, to inform players of the dodge rolling mechanic
- Statues can no longer be broken
- Bonfires can no longer be broken, for real this time
- Quick Heal now attempts to use the Estus Flask if you are in Bearer of the Curse mode
- Fixed a rare crash related to C#'s garbage collector disposing active objects
- Fixed a rare crash caused by vanilla Terraria's terrible code lol
- Several Super Hardmode bosses now have Boss Checklist compatibility
- Fixed Mana Shield increasing the player's magic damage instead of decreasing it in certain instances
- Ancient Holy Lance, Gae Bolg, and HiRyuu Spear have had their damage adjusted so they interfere with each other less
- Hardmode ore variants can no longer be crafted into pickaxes and used to skip fighting the phoenix bosses
- Hero of Lumelia has been reworked into a miniboss encounter instead of a normal enemy
- Taurus Knights should now be more engaging to fight
- Artorias, Hellkite Dragon, Ancient Jungle Wyvern, Jungle Wyvern Juvenile, Hydris Necromancer, and Destroyer have been resprited
- Hydris Necromancers have significantly less health and can no longer spawn literally everywhere, hopefully for real this time
- Many enemies now have scaling stats in Hardmode and Super Hardmode
- Fixed a bug preventing enemies from spawning in certain places they should have
- Hypnotic Disruptors now inflict Crippled
- Attraidies no longer drops an Estus Shard for non-curse bearers
- Several enemies now have much lower weight and thus no longer prevent nearly all other spawns while they are alive
- Jungle Wyvern Juveniles should be less annoying to fight
- Fixed several tooltip inaccuracies
- Leonhard should be slightly more difficult to cheese
- Modded enemies in the Forgotten City can now drop golden keys
- Players now respawn with max life instead of half
- Shattered Moonlight's attack speed has been reduced
- Red Knights should have more consistent behavior
- Divine Boom Cannon's recipe has been changed to only require Divine Spark and Epilogue, rather than potentially-unobtainable enemy drops
- Chaos' health has been significantly reduced, and it can no longer destroy terrain with some of its attacks
- Elfin Bow has been revamped
- Vampire Blade no longer fully heals the player on each hit
- Seath should no longer be able to spawn infinite primordial crystals
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