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  1. RoninGoblin

    RoninGoblin Skeletron Prime

    The Terra World Mod is a mod made by me (RoninGoblin AKA TerraZ) download it on mod browser please
    right now it doesn't have alot of content but soon it will.
    current content
    [​IMG]Antlion Claws crafted with 30 antlion mandibles at a workbench (really fast melee weapon)
    [​IMG]Infinity Sword crafted with 6 terrarians at workbench (OP)
    [​IMG]Mini Doggo crafted with 10 cloth + flintlock pistol at workbench (basically minishark but dog)
    [​IMG]Scythe crafted with 50 stone at workbench (great early game weapon)
    [​IMG]Stone Sword crafted with 10 stone at workbench
    [​IMG]Corndog crafted with 1 bass at furnace (because why not)
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  2. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    Ok, i got some ideas. (btw this is from not using the mod yet, just using the info from the thread)

    1: Instead of Terrarians for the Infinity Stone, how about gems that can drop from ML (1 at a time, the gems can be crafted into the other gems with certain materials) and the Tera Blade?

    2: The Mini Doggo looks... overpowered. Once you break a heart/orb, and get 5 gold, you basicly have that weapon. If it's basicly the minishark, it needs to be balanced. An idea would be to make it a branch of the Minishark, or make it need the illegal gun parts and make it slightly weaker, maybe with a slower firerate.

    3: Corndogs need to be made out of 1 milion annoying dogs and these dogs should replace all mobs!! (this idea is a joke)

    If you like it the way it is, keep it. Though if you want to add a one of these, go ahead. I am gonna go ahead and download this mod to try it out. Cya!
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  3. RoninGoblin

    RoninGoblin Skeletron Prime

    so for the first suggestion i would like to do it but i feel like it might be a waste of time to code all of the materials just to make a weapon and for the second suggestion i already nerfed the mini doggo i just forgot to say that on this post and suggestion number 3 PERFECT (jk)
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