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Story The Virus - A Terraria Fanfiction

Discussion in 'Terraria Literature and Music' started by PeaStar, Aug 12, 2018.


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  1. PeaStar

    PeaStar Terrarian

    I had just started writing - Yes this is my first time writing something like this and the story might not be very good but I will try hard and improve it.
    The story will be updated 1 to 2 times a week and it I believe will be quite long.
    Brief Description (Copypasted from FanFiction website): Pea has woken up in the land of Terraria with no clear memories of his past. He meets "Guide" Jacob but it seems like he is hiding something. It is revealed that a Virus was taking over Terraria and no one knows how to stop it. His memories are coming back, explaining some of the events but can he trust his own memories? Will Pea be the savior of Terraria or is he just another scumbag?
    Link to My Story on FanFiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13032601/1/The-Virus
    I have actually written the 4th chapter but I'm not going to post it along with the 3rd because I'm still editing it.

    Chapter One: The Arrival

    Notes: This Pea guy is basically me and if you look at my profile you can see Pea (Me) is a Minecraft grass block and yes some Minecraft will be in this story. No in fact LOTS of mentions of Minecraft will be in this but I'm not putting this in Crossovers because nobody looks there for stuff.

    This is my first time writing and it might be bad. Any help will be appreciated.

    The world turned blue for Pea. His face was being devoured by whatever it was. It's hugging him hard, maybe it likes him? Maybe a gentle pat would work? Nope. It sunk its gelatinous body deep into Pea's nostrils, suffocating him. He tripped and fell over, banging his head on a rock and started rolling around frantically. His screams of horror was turned into faint murmurs by his new friend. His lungs burned like they were on fire and he tried to take a breath with his mouth. A mistake, the creature took advantage and invaded Pea's mouth. His life flashed before his eyes, though it his memories suggest that he has only been alive for several minutes…

    He woke up in this world three minutes ago, it was like he slept for an eternity. His bright green hair was everywhere, his muscles ached for no reason and beads of sweat rolled down his brown cheeks. He closed his eyes. Terrible memories came to him though none of it made sense. It was like a dream, no, more like a nightmare. Seas of monsters, mad banging on the door, the endless void down below.. Suddenly the memories faded away and Pea failed to grasp it. Confused, Pea stood up and stretched lazily. Yawning, he opened his sleepy eyes. It was a forest. Not too dense, rays of sunshine shone through the leaves, creating interesting patterns on the ground around him. The trees danced along with the wind, the green field of grass outside of the forest was dotted with the occasional flower. The sound of the rustling leaves was paired perfectly with the quiet hum of insects and the lively bird tweets. It was one of those views that only appears in fairy tales, yet here he was.

    The forest was small and he quickly came out into the open. A lake appeared, glistering with the warm, golden sunshine. This was all too perfect, he thought. Why does it feel like I haven't had rest in weeks? Why is it that I feel like my life only just begun now? He did not need an answer. Laying down onto the soft grass, he enjoyed the view while he could before the horrible creature splattered onto his face.

    Pea struggled to get the monster off, his eyes felt like they were going to burst like balloons. Only it wasn't fun. It's the end, he thought and closed his eyes, hoping for the best. Suddenly, an arrow shot out of nowhere and stuck itself deep into the Slime. It slid lifelessly off Pea's face and he panted with both relief and horror. Wiping the jelly off his face, he scrambled to his feet. Groaning with pain from the fall, he looked around for his savior.

    "I'm here," Pea jumped and turned around to face with the owner of the voice. It was a young man, average height, with fluffy brown hair. He had big blue eyes full of life, and had a tattered green shirt paired with blue pants. Every bit of him made you trust him. "Hey there, I'm the Guide, but you can also call me Jacob. Welcome to Terraria."
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  2. PeaStar

    PeaStar Terrarian

    Chapter Two: The Guide

    Pea had so many questions. "Where am I?"


    "How did I get here?"

    "Like all other Players"

    The answers weren't helpful but it wasn't important to Pea.

    "Who are you?"

    "I'm the Guide, but you can also call me Jacob."

    "What's 'The Guide'?"

    "I, as a Guide, will help you survive this land of mysteries."

    "Well what do I do now?"

    "You will need shelter to survive. Get some wood and make a wooden house."

    "Okay?" It seemed strangely familiar to Pea. He approached a tree. Tightening his fists, he suddenly struck.

    "AHH!" Pea screamed in agony at his bleeding hand.

    "Use you axe to chop down trees." Jacob suggested calmly, ignoring the fact that Pea was bleeding and screaming everywhere.

    "Where's the axe? Do you have one?"

    The Guide sighed, it seemed like Pea was supposed to know that reaching into his pocket would give him an axe, which didn't make sense to Pea but it will be good enough for now.

    "Wait so I can get wood by reachingintomypocket-"

    "No it doesn't work that way-"

    It didn't work. Pea seemed disappointed that he had to do real work. He starter chopping trees and prepared to make a house.

    The house was finished, not pretty but enough to be called a house.

    "You will need torches, a chair and a table. Craft a workbench to make the chair and table." Jacob gave Pea the gel from the Slime from earlier and told him to combine with wood to make torches. "How though?"

    The Guide looked genuinely disappointed, like who doesn't know slapping wood and gel together makes torches appear midair?

    Feeling like a genius, Pea slapped wood together to make the workbench and then the chair and the table. It worked marvellously! Now he was hopping everywhere. "Don't get too excited, look, the Sun's coming down." Jacob gestured Pea to go into the house.

    "Hey! You don't have a chair!"

    "I don't need one-" Too late, Pea already slapped wood together.

    "Th-Thank you?" Jacob the Guide was surprised for some reason, maybe he hasn't met good people like me before, Pea though. His thought was interrupted rudely by the sudden smashing of the door. It was a zombie. Groaning, it stared at Pea with his empty, dull eyes. Then the memories came rushing back to Pea - The zombie army, the invasion and slaughter, the End… Pea had the sudden urge to chop up the zombie. He pulled a short, orange-colored sword out of his pocket and opened the door. Charging at the zombie, he roared. "Yah!"

    "Huh?" Pea woke up. He was on a bed in the house he made. Guide Jacob must have made one, how sweet… Pea thought. The sudden appearance of Guide made him jump. "What were you doing last night!?" Jacob was angry for the first time since Pea met him. The memories came back to Pea: Him charging at the zombie, zombie brutally smashing him to the ground and kicking him, Guide saving him and some guy come in and made all his pain disappear. It seemed like the flashback, for some reason, caused all of this. "Um, something weird happened to my brain and I just wanted to kill that zombie badly."

    Jacob sighed, "Be more careful next time, I had to walk for an hour to get a nurse!" So that's who that guy was. Interesting, more people in here. Pea thought. He smiled triumphantly, he had survived his first night!
  3. PeaStar

    PeaStar Terrarian

    Chapter Three coming in 2-3 days, after I finished editing Chapter Four.
  4. Sothopery

    Sothopery Terrarian

    Very nice! I bet this will be a big hit. Keep up the good work.
  5. PeaStar

    PeaStar Terrarian

    Oh really? Thanks! First time I'm doing this stuff and man I'm excited.
    The story will be LOOOONG and gets a lot more interesting after like the 5th or 6th character.
    Again thanks!
  6. Sothopery

    Sothopery Terrarian

    No problem! Good luck with all that! :joy:
  7. PeaStar

    PeaStar Terrarian

    Chapter Three: The Photo

    Note: This will make sense later on and just read it, the fourth chapter is much more exciting.

    Pea has progressed rapidly. He has found caves and upgraded his equipment with the treasures he found. He has even collected enough coins from killing monsters that Alfred the Merchant moved into the house he built. From what he heard from Jacob. A giant, floating eyeball was supposed to appear after Pea gets more of those shiny heart things down in the caves, which somehow makes makes him stronger. Never mind all the confusion, he caved on.

    It has been 7 days since Pea's arrival, and he was still caving. He smashed the stone with his pickaxe mechanically, His eyelids lowering slightly. Yawning, he put his pickaxe away and sat down. Why am I doing this anyways? He thought. Couldn't I just make a farm with vegetables and animals and never deal with monsters again? Though he hasn't seen many pigs or cows lately (Think about this, it is interesting, this isn't in the story, it's just a hint). How strange, these are supposed to be everywhere. He abandoned both his thoughts and the mining and headed back to his house. He was out in the daylight soon, and glanced back at the cave he wouldn't be coming back for several days. There was something strange in the corner of Pea's vision. Wood? There was something similar to Pea's own wooden house. Stepping closer, the name Underground Cabin came to his mind for no reason. It was carved into the rock walls of the cave. Curious and scared, Pea slowly advanced towards the cabin. With a shaky hand, he grabbed the cobweb-covered door handle and opened it with a loud creak. He was instantly covered in dust and a tiny spider has landed on his head. It screeched and quickly crawled away. Shaking away the dust, he looked inside. The room was dark, thick layers of dust covered its ancient furniture. It seemed on the edge of collapsing. In the corner, was a small, dirt covered chest that shone gold through the gaps of its dirt cover. Pea came up to the chest, brushing the dust off, he opened it - and immediately jumped back, gasping - there was a bloody eyeball in the chest. It does not seem dry at all which is surprising as the cabin seemed ancient. There was also some loot and Pea grabbed them. Eyeing the eyeball suspiciously, he remembered the flying eyeballs that appeared at night - it looked similar but there was definitely something wrong. Thinking the Guide would know he took it back home.

    "Jacob-" Pea exclaimed, "I found somethin..." He stopped. Jacob was in his room, facing Pea sideways. He sat on the chair, staring downward at something with eyes that was completely different to the ones Pea new. They were no longer full of life and energetic. Instead, it was dull and lifeless, with a bit of grief and a bit of hatred. Water was also starting to accumulate. Without knowing what he was doing, Pea sneaked up to behind Jacob's shoulders and looked down. It was a photo with Guide in the middle of three people. One looked similar to Alfred so Pea guessed he was a Merchant as well. The one on the far left looked like a nurse, and the one on the far right looked like a miner. Pea suddenly realized Jacob was staring at him in shock and quickly stepped back. "Sorry," Pea said, looking down in shame. He was invading Jacob's privacy! "No, it's okay." Jacob said calmly, He turned around and wiped something off his face and turned back, color slowly returning to his eyes. Curiosity was killing Pea. "Who are these people?" He immediately regretted saying that, he was going too far. Jacob stared at the wall behind Pea, the color that just got to his eyes vanished. "I… I would rather not share this information with you." He murmured. Pea understood. These people probably meant a lot to him, and something bad must have happened to them. After a moment of silence, Pea remembered the reason he came to Guide. "Hey Jacob, what is this weird thing?"
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  8. KatieTheSnowGoat

    KatieTheSnowGoat Terrarian

    i'm excited for the next chapter it's Really good so Far
  9. PeaStar

    PeaStar Terrarian

    Thanks! If you can please explain what part you liked the best
  10. KatieTheSnowGoat

    KatieTheSnowGoat Terrarian

    i Can't really name a moment but i like Characterization of Everyone it's nice to see Writers actually put personality into the Npc's
  11. PeaStar

    PeaStar Terrarian

    Yeah that's a part I really like as well making the character come to life, I always feel like my story characters are like my children and this feels really great
    But there are downsides like I can't really kill them else I feel REALLY BAD but I learnt to cope with that.
  12. KatieTheSnowGoat

    KatieTheSnowGoat Terrarian

    yes Same here i usually try not to Make my Characters suffer as much as i can because you have to have conflict throughout the story or it will seem dull
    and Good Luck with a Upcoming Death