tModLoader 1.4 Audio Duplication (Need Help)


I decided to install tmod and do another modded playthrough of terraria. Upon opening tModLoader, my audio began to double and sounded warped. I don't believe it is due to any mods being installed because I had no mods installed. I restarted tmod and exited out of steam fully. That did not work. I verified the files of both tmod and vanilla terraria, and that did not work. I did a fresh reinstall of tmod, and that did not work. I ignored the sound duplication and turned all of the in-game volume sliders to 1, but I did not want to play terraria without sound. I then reverted to the 1.3 build in the steam beta menu and the sound was fixed. However, the mods I was using are not on the 1.3 tModLoader. Is there any fix for the audio duplication/glitching on tModLoader 1.4? I would really love to fix it and do a playthrough with sound. Please leave and fixes or advice below. Thank you!


I'm having the same issue. I haven't changed anything, so I'm wondering if an update caused this, as I noticed my tmodloader and terraria both had to update this morning upon launch.
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