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  1. totallytoats2

    totallytoats2 Terrarian

    Here I will be posting various artsy things I've done over time. Enjoy.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    shantae.png [​IMG]
  2. piemansauce

    piemansauce Golem

    :eek: WOW these are good! Especially the turtle picture because I love turtles •w•.
    I also like your gmod style, many people just spam ragdolls make their face distorted and call it a day, but your style brings more of a meaning. 10/10 keep making art/photography;).
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  3. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    I'm falling in love with your photography and drawings. I've never been fan of GMod models, but they look decent nonetheless. Interesting style you have there, and I hope to see you around on these forums. If you're ever considering accepting member requests, do make sure to tag me at some point.

    I'll be watching this thread for sure.
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  4. totallytoats2

    totallytoats2 Terrarian

    Thanks a lot! I do like to have more of a cinematic feel to my GMod screenshots. Also, I love turtles, too. I thought it was pretty cool to see them lined up from smallest to largest like that.

    Thanks so much. Yeah, a lot of GMod models don't look that great, but it's fun trying to pose them to where they look somewhat fluid. As for requests, it's definitely something I want to do soon, and I'll be sure to tag you when they're available. I still have a few other things, such as pixel art I've done, that I need to post here sometime as well.

    Thanks for checking the thread out, guys.
  5. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    There's no thanking me, Toats, you definitely deserve the recognition. And, in time, hopefully this thread will grow more popular and well-recieved by the TCF community.
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  6. Darkwraith332

    Darkwraith332 Skeletron

    Really, really nice. The photographs are really cool, uncommonly so.
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  7. DeltaVii

    DeltaVii Retinazer

    Nice stuff here. Your drawings are pretty on point. Keep it up!
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