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tModLoader Tooltip Translator


*Please understand that all English is the result of translating Japanese by Google Translate.

Latest Version: (tModLoader v0.10.1)

Tooltip Translator:
Translate tooltip into arbitrary language in real time.
The mechanism has a web browser inside and it is just returning the result executed by google translation.
It is thought that there is still unstable parts, please be careful.

You can choose Baidu as a translation site.
Please specify 2 for "translatingSite" in config setting.
For Baidu 's translation language setting please directly change "urlBaidu" in config.
The default url is as follows.

--- About UI ---
The character string being translating is displayed in green in the background.
To delete from the translation dictionary Right-click the target.
Please click the reload button when you changed the setting during the game.
Also, please click the reload button if the translation stops halfway or there is a blank.

--- About Translation File ---
When "isSaveTranslat" in config is true, it will output the translation dictionary to the file when exit from world.
Also, if "isLoadTranslat" in config is true, the translation file is read at the start of the game.
The translation file is output to the following location. (In the case of Windows)
My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mods\Cache\TooltipTranslator.txt

Modification of setting can be done with Mod Settings Configurator.

Open Source on GitHub: Tooltip Translator

Version Information:
- Fixed a bug in which reading of translated file containing a line feed code failed in the middle of translation contents
- Fixed to convert translation file to json format
- Added Baidu to translation site
- Added input / output of translation dictionary
- Added UI display of translation dictionary
- Fixed a problem that may crash
- create new

*** Acknowledgments ***
The UI code of this Mod is based on jopojelly's Recipe Browser (v0.4).
I am grateful to Mr. jopojelly for publishing a great code.
Mod Settings uses Mod Settings Configurator.
I am grateful to Mr. Flashkirby99 for making the setting of Mod easy.

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i'm a chinese player, this mod is a great mod!i really love it but there's something trouble:in china we can't go to most of foreign internet link,google either. so in fact chinese player can't use this mod.
i am thinking that if you can make a chinese-mode for us. it is a link of baidu translator:http://fanyi.baidu.com/?aldtype=16047#auto/zh
or if you can make it run locally.
thanks for making this mod,your mod is all great ,i like it so much!
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