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Trapped Barrels and Trash Cans

Where should trapped chests be crafted?

  • A workbench

  • An Anvil

  • A Heavy Work Bench

  • A Hardmode Anvil

  • By Hand

Results are only viewable after voting.


If you aren't familiar with how trapped chests work, they appear as a chest placed regularly. When right clicked, a wire signal is sent from the chest and it is revealed the chest does not store anything. This can be used to open secret bases with actuators, or punish raiders with traps.

However, this feature does not include some other storage items: barrels and trash cans. So I propose they are crafted like so:

Trapped Barrel
1 Barrel
10 wire
At a heavy work bench

Trapped Trash Can
1 Trash Can
10 Wire
At a heavy workbench


If the wiki is to be believed, there are already tile IDs assigned to both of these, namely 441(6) and 441(7). (Tile ID 441 is the same as other trapped containers.)

But there's no other mention of them that I can find (they're not in the list of unimplemented items, for instance). Maybe they're coming in a future version?

EDIT: They're totally implemented and are available through TEdit. So I guess the wait now is for them to be craftable?
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