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Hello fellow Terrarians!

Over the past two years, I have been creating a new kind of server list and online management platform for Terraria server owners. I wanted to create something that would allow server owners to drive traffic to their servers, and manage their server without going to the console every time. The result? A (what I think) pretty cool online management suite for tshock powered servers and a decent server profile page on a now very (and growing!) popular server list.

What does it do?
With TServerWeb you can control your TShock server online through the website. You simply need to enable the TShock REST API in your server configuration.

This includes the following:
  • Viewing who is online
  • Kicking, banning, healing and viewing player inventory
  • Running console commands from your browser!
  • Managing (editing/creating) the user groups, including the permissions and color
  • Editing members and their group
  • Executing World commands, such as spawning a meteor
  • Managing your banned users and lifting a ban
  • Server listed with public profile (free advertising)
  • Easily manage multiple servers (publicly listed or private)

View the Demo

You can check out the website here: Terraria Server List and TShock Manager - Home
Follow the project on Twitter: TServerWeb (@TServerWeb) | Twitter

Join us on Discord: Join the TServerWeb Discord Server!

Need Help? I have a support thread at TShock.co.
The project is under active development, and we are always improving it. If you've got any comments, questions or suggestions please feel free to leave them here or in the existing support thread. You can contact me directly via a PM here or using the contact form on the website for any questions.
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New Feature! You can now shared your server with co-admins and moderators to help manage it!

From your server profile, just invite your friend by entering their email address. If they already have an account at TServerWeb.com then you can manage their access permissions right away. If they're not registered, an invite will be sent and after they register they will have access to the server. You and your friend will be notified via email. You can revoke their permissions at anytime.




Many of you have been asking for tserverweb.com to reduce the number of connections it makes to your server. I've just implemented two new optional features for those who want to lower the number of times tserverweb reaches out to your server for data. This will be mostly used for popular servers, but anyone can take advange of it.


My Account > View Servers > Your Server > Edit > Public Listing

The "Check player status from profile" feature is what allows users to vote for the server and receive in-game rewards while voting from the website. If you are logged in to a server, and click "Vote" from the website, your player in-game will receive the rewards. Disabling this means you will only receive rewards by typing /vote while logged into the server. This new feature is enabled by default. You must login to disable this.

The "Cache online players list for 15 minutes" feature will store a copy of the players online on your server for 15 minutes. This means new players online will now show up until after 15 minutes have passed. With this enabled, tserverweb will only connect to your server to check the players list at most every 15 minutes. This new setting is enabled by default. If you want "live" player lists on your server profile page you must login to your account and disable this feature.
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