NPCs & Enemies Tumbleweedling


Skeletron Prime
The Tumbleweedling is an idea I have for a new Hardmode enemy. It will initially spawn in the Overworld Desert biome, and it doesn't matter if it is day or night.

General Appearance
Its appearance will be similar to how real-life tumbleweeds look. They come in many different sizes.

How it Works
Upon spawning into a world, it will initially be found lying in its dormant stage on the ground, not attacking the player. The only ways the Tumbleweedling can exit its resting stage is if the player comes in close contact with them, or if wind speeds reach a certain point while the player is within the general vicinity of them for a long period of time. It will then begin to roll towards the player and deal contact damage.

However, depending on how high or low the wind speed is will affect how fast or slow it rolls (using the Weather Radio accessory can be used to track wind speed). Another determining factor for its movement speed is its size. The smaller it is, the quicker it will pursue the player. The larger they are, the slower they roll. So you could possibly have a tiny Tumbleweedling blasting towards you through high speed winds. Once wind speeds reach 0, they will enter their dormant stage and stay like that until the proper criteria are met for them to awake again.
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