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tModLoader tWiki - Easy-Peasy Wiki Access



If you've used tWiki before, please take my survey! It will only take 5 minutes. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pIJycVDMxk1CdLsJ_wRqvw0m86t4mwf1aNFREcHunCE/viewform


Have you ever been playing Terraria, especially after a long break, and found yourself always going to the Terraria wiki in order to find information on the new item you just found? With tWiki, you're able to automatically open and search the wiki with the press of one key.

You can search the Terraria Wiki directly by (1) opening your inventory and pressing 'L' (default) while hovering your mouse over an item, or (2) hover over an NPC or monster and press 'L' (default). This will immediately open your default web browser with the Terraria Wiki page loaded to that specific item or NPC. As long as the object has a page on the wiki it should be searchable by my mod! If the page does not exist on the wiki, a search query will be run and you will see all related pages based on item or monster name.

Note, however, that mod items aren't supported, yet, and won't be until I see a demand to revamp the searching system.

You can use my mod by downloading tModLoader and installing it in the Mod Browser. This will automagically install the mod for you and it will be ready to use!

Other Info
This is my first of many mods. I made a similar mod in Minecraft called WikiLink, so I decided that my first Terraria mod should definitely be a remake of it. If you would like to see the code that I wrote for tWiki, check out my GitHub. I made sure to heavily comment on my code so people can learn from it. If you have any feature suggestions or requests that aren't in my list below, make sure to leave a comment!

Some cool stats:
The Numbers
- Search tracking started January 9th
- January 26th - 1,337 total searches were made
- January 17th is the recordholder for most searches in 1 day @ 126

tWiki is used in over 61 countries!
43% of searches are from the United States
6% are from Russia
5% are from the United Kingdom
Updated to tModLoader v0.8
Updated to tModLoader v0.7.1.1
Fixed a bug where you could search for modded items, yielding bad search results.
-[Bug] Fixed a bug where searching for items while in a different language would yield bad search results.
Updated to tModLoader v0.7
+[New] It's now possible to change the key binding of the wiki search function inside of the Mod Controls menu under Settings.
Fixed bug where reloading tWiki x amount of times will cause it to open x amount of wiki pages.
It's now possible to search for NPC's and AI by hovering over an entity and pressing 'L'
Link tracking now enabled with bit.ly so I can see some cool, nerdy stats. :)
+[Bug] Reloading tWiki x amount of times will cause it to open x amount of browser pages.
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tWiki has been updated to 0.5 for tModLoader 0.7!
+ You're now not allowed to search for modded items
+ tWiki will attempt to translate any items to their english names before searching, allowing for less confusion when using other languages.


Once custom UI is supported I highly recommend you have it work with an in-game overlay.

I'm already looking into different solutions for parsing the wiki pages and displaying them in an interface. Unfortunately MediaWiki doesn't come with very many great API requests that I can parse into the game, so I would have to see if Gamepedia would be willing to install some extensions other people have made just so I could use the queries for my mod haha.


tWiki has been updated to v0.6 for tModLoader!

I've been seeing some consistent use of tWiki over the past 30 days, and I want to thank everyone who took the time to download it and try it out! It's such a simple mod, I really didn't expect to have more than 10 or so users! Thanks everyone
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