Mobile Unable to drag/drop items in inventory & UI problems on touch screen

Discussion in 'Mobile Bug Reports' started by ChaosCore, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. ps3wolvrine14

    ps3wolvrine14 Dungeon Spirit

    Some games are just finicky on devices due to how the screens are. My phone isnt to stable despite my finger not moving there is often a wiggle. This is what messes up the game. (Example minecraft is unplayable on my grand prime due to the touched point wriggling. Even tho i press at one steady point, the game will shift slightly as the screen doesn't understand and shifts slightly around the point)

    Ik it doesn't make much sense.
  2. Crawfish 2

    Crawfish 2 Terrarian

    Over 3 years later and still no fix LOL
  3. +Kittentheboss

    +Kittentheboss Terrarian

    Same. I have an S6 and it just won't drag those items :T
  4. BlueBullet

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    you should check the date of these threads. Since this was made two years ago and no one answered I don’t think this thread should be open to response.
  5. ps3wolvrine14

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    It's been left because no-one has had answer, but it shouldnt be locked bc of inactivity.
    It is a random issue and i tend to have to tap back and forth a few times. I know the issue comes from the screens themselves, if you have a visual touch feedback you'll see it wiggles around constantly even tho you are not, it makes the game think your scrolling.making it hard to grab items.