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  1. skyblade57

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    this is for the 3 pre-hardmode summoning items they need more love so I give them hardmode upgrades.

    royal slime staff:
    "summons the prince slime to fight for you"
    this item is the successor to the slime staff and can be obtained the earliest in hardmode requiring only the slime staff and a cobalt or palladium crown (25 cobalt/palladium and 1 diamond) at the iron anvil this weapon is the same as the slime staff but deals more damage and is mountable if you right click it with the slimy saddle.

    swarm staff:
    "summons a swarm of bees to fight for you"
    this staff summons a swarm of bees and is the successor to the wasp staff being the second hardest item to get of the 3 needing a hive wand, the wasp staff, a mossy stinger (dropped off the mossy hornets rarely) and 10 stingers at the mithril/orichalcum anvil it will summon either a yellowjacket or a swarm of bees the yellowjacket shoots poisonous projectiles at them and the swarm of bees will deal rapid damage and poison a target.

    demonic staff:
    "summons a powerful demon to bring your enemies to hell"
    this summon is the upgrade of the imp staff and shoots a demonic scythe 2/3 times that inflicts burning or a trident 1/3 times that inflicts cursed flames and a new debuff "skill drain" that makes enemies unable to use their special skills such as the necromancer teleporting or anything that can move through walls no longer can this makes it a powerful staff that uses 20 souls of night, 20 hellstone bars, 30 obsidian, the demon scythe and the imp staff emblem at the adamantite/titanium forge.
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  2. PenguinPandaZero

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    Why do you have crafting recipes that will literally take 7 hours to complete?
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  3. skyblade57

    skyblade57 Skeletron Prime

    because I'm new to this got a better suggestion? no seriously any feedback is nice
  4. PenguinPandaZero

    PenguinPandaZero Official Terrarian

    I think 99 stingers is a bit much and should be brought down a bit.

    The whole underworld part will take a LONG time.
    The Scythe is total RNG so some people have issues getting the thing.
    The 99 hellstone bars requires 297 hellstone ore + 99 obsidian.
    The Imp Staff requires 17 hellstone bars needing 51 hellstone ore + 17 obsidian.

    So, you are totaling 348 hellstone ore + 215 obsidian.
  5. skyblade57

    skyblade57 Skeletron Prime

    okay so I'll downgrade it
    edit: have hope you like
  6. PenguinPandaZero

    PenguinPandaZero Official Terrarian

    MUCH better. :p
  7. Look/sounds Good I mean it will take a while to get them(Even for me) but it might be worth the effort.
    I approve(Not that it matters),

    Only thing I would change is the Demonic staff I would just remove the wings(or demon scythe)
    and replace It with souls of Night(or mech boss souls) but again thats Just me and this is your Idea.

    so Best of luck and Hope it gets added.
  8. Master Geass

    Master Geass Terrarian

    It sure would be nice to make a few of the pre-hard mode items stronger. I do have a suggestion. If demonic staff can inflict cursed flames then how about another branch? Add cursed flames to the recipe and if you use Ichor in it's place that gives you a demon that inflicts the Ichor Debuff.
  9. Brian ㋛

    Brian ㋛ Terrarian

    would enjoy to see in game though.
  10. theclownfish II

    theclownfish II Retinazer

    i know its a bit off topic but your new membership isnt an excuse to make bad suggestions

    on to my problems with this suggestion. im fine with the royal slime staff and i dont think it needs change (and your too common mistake of NOT ADDING STATS. that goes for all the items you made) but the swarm staff is the beginning of my dislike towards this. the items used to craft it pretty much rely on rng those being the hive wand and tattered bee wing (both with a drop rate of 0.67% and 33.33%) which are not always the common drop like gel or rotten chunks so i suggest those 2 (at least the tattered bee wing) be removed from the recipe. your last item, the demonic staff, makes me the most disliking of the 2 last items. its crafting recipe is heavily impacted by rng as the items (unholy trident, demon scythe and the destroyer emblem) require the rng (with drop rates of 3.33% and 2% for the first 2) which as i said are not common at all. to give you an example of the items rarity im at post golem stage and i dont have an unholy trident. ive been working for months to get it and ive been unsuccessful so far. as for the destroyer emblem any of the 3 emblems are a 100% drop from the WoF but you can only get 1 from each time you kill it, but a random emblem comes out. for example my first WoF kill got me the warrior emblem and then when i fought him again i got another. it could take a very long time to get the destroyer emblem and that is why that part should be removed. overall no support, not a bit until its changed (also what is the drop chance for the mossy stinger)
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  11. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    Eh, I'm not too sure. I guess it would be nice to have in-game, but then again, I'm kind of thinking if it would be one, necessary and two, balanced.
  12. skyblade57

    skyblade57 Skeletron Prime

    okay I removed the bee wings from the swarm staff and the demon trident from the demonic staff also I didn't add stats because A I'm not that good at it and B because I think it should be up to the devs. also the mossy stinger will be about 2-8% chance (I did say rarely)
  13. TheAverageCommoner

    TheAverageCommoner Eye of Cthulhu

    A lot of these weapons are too rare to even consider getting.
    avatar_1411427437996.jpg am I the only one here slightly offended?
  14. Master Geass

    Master Geass Terrarian

    I do agree that the upgrades shouldn't be too rare. I can see them using HM crafting items and stations but it shouldn't use very rare drops otherwise it's more trouble then it's worth.