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PC Villager joins the battle!

The Villager

Hey everyone, I'm a player with approximately 1200 hours on Terraria up to 1.2.2, and wanted to get back into playing with the newest updates. The problem is, everyone that I played Terraria with back then is... gone... like my last town disappeared after selling my soul to Tom Nook.

.... anyway... if you want to play a fresh start with me, I'm looking for a few people to play with, whether it's simply a partner or a group, normal or expert - might take a little bit of time to get back into it ;)

My discord is: Villager#4381
HMU thanks!


Can I come along too? I'm pretty new but I did got post-ML, I'm MrGrizzly#3567
I won't do Voice Chat
-GrizzlyPoof :lslime:
P.S. Question: what time zone are you in? I'm a European :p
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