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PC Visual issue with night sky on Constant worlds


Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 7
Terraria Version
Controls Used
In Constant seed worlds, around midnight (about 11:25 PM to 12:35 AM), a glitch appears in the night sky that obscures the moon and stars behind a blocky black pattern. This appears to be related to light, as swinging light-emitting weapons can push the blackness away for a few seconds.

Use of the Radio Thing has no effect on this bug. It happens on Constant worlds and does not happen on other worlds irrespective of its use.


Top: near midnight. The blocky pattern can be seen against the moon, and the stars are only visible around the middle of the screen, beneath which is the lit-up area where I'm standing.
Bottom: shortly after midnight. Everything in the night sky is properly visible.


The same pictures brightened to make the stars more obvious.
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