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Hello, I am a spriter who goes by the name of Vox. I do some modding that you can find in the appropraite forum section!
I have a GitHub you can check out of all of the sprites i have done, you can find that here: https://github.com/VoxelMC/Sprites/tree/master - PLEASE read the Rules and Guidelines though!
1. Please do not use art that is in the "Used" folder. I will consider it as plaigarism, as it is being used by other people.
2. Before you request something, try looking in the "Unused" folder to see if you can find something you like, make sure to post the sprite you used in the replies so i can move it to the "Used" folder.
Of course i will be taking spriting requests, and i will try to get them done asap, but keep in mind i have some modes to sprite for (Namely Auralite, TArmory, and a few more not released to the public yet.) In order to avoid confusion, I will reply saying when i will be able to get it done, and you can decide if that's fast enough for you!
Here are a few examples of my work!

And many more!
My Piskel Gallery: http://www.piskelapp.com/user/4578310671564800/public (ALL SPRITES HERE HAVE BEEN USED, FOR EXAMPLE PURPOSES ONLY)
Join my Discord server!! - https://discord.gg/pY8R3Pm
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