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  1. Dorrwin

    Dorrwin Terrarian

    Hi, I have a quick question. When the Wall of Flesh dies, does hollowed appear from the front or the backside of the Wall of Flesh's death location? IE it dies facing to the right, does the hollow appear heading right or left?
  2. PTpirahna

    PTpirahna Spazmatism

    I think it's random..? I'm not sure if it's just luck though, but I always fight the WoF from right to left and the Hallow always is leftward.
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  3. hoppy62290

    hoppy62290 Terrarian

    The hallow and corruption/crimson create a V like shape cutting through the landscape, so wherever your corruption/crimson is, it'll be on the opposite side
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  4. Sigma90

    Sigma90 Brain of Cthulhu

    My experience is that the V generates starting from the centre of the world. One side will be the Corruption/Crimson and one side will be the Hallow. What each side is is random.
    If you want a specific setup, I suggest you make a backup of the world before killing WoF. If the result after killing WoF isn't what you wanted, restore the backup and try again.
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  5. Dorrwin

    Dorrwin Terrarian

    Thank you everyone, I did kill WoF and now using the backup world as a bait farm. Just adding a side note to this, if your on the "west" side ( compass says and not where the sun sets ) it heads east.

    I am not a noob just got windows to work again...
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  6. NickOfferman

    NickOfferman Skeletron Prime

    Most times for me, the hollow mostly came from the right side of my worlds as a V shape like what hoppy said.