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Wand of Sparking Rework

Option 1 or Option 2?

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- oh how I wish you were more viable, you small twig you.
Because of this, I offer two distinct paths this rework could take:
Option 1:

What I suggest is simple: increase the knockback of the projectile, decrease speed of the projectile.

What would this do? It would, much like the Spear, cause enemies to be hit by the same attack multiple times, increasing the viability of using it in battle.

As many Terrarians know, this sad little twig we discover very quickly it won't be part of our arsenal very long, and it's only real use is that of the On Fire! debuff which could be used in conjunction with other weapons we may have at the time. It would be nice that a "rare" item such as this got a little more love.
Option 2:

And for this option, I'd like to completely trash the idea of the current wand, and make it something a little bit more fitting, think about it, a wooden twig that has a single leaf still on it is producing enough fire to engulf an enemy of any size? What a ludicrous idea!

Instead, I offer you the reworking of
<- this lil' fella'.

Branch of Breath
(took wand out of the name because all other wands in Terraria are used for building...)

For our upcoming update we are WELL aware that wind will now be an aesthetic in Terraria, but how about utilizing this concept but weaponized?...

This is what it would do:
Damage: 8 -> 5
Knockback: 0 -> 8.5 Very Strong Knockback
Mana: 2 -> 2 Same
Critical Chance: 4% -> 10% (because critical hits while dealing more damage ALSO have 40% more knockback!)
Use Time: 27 -> 27 Same
Velocity: 7 -> 5 (Slower projectile speed means potential for the same attack to knock the enemy back and hit them again like a relentless gust!)
Tooltip: "Gone with the wind."

Particle Design: A wind-like particle effect accompanied with maybe a single leaf to stay true to its design.
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