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Want to create a Podcast Episode about what makes Terraria a Masterpiece

Greetings everyone!

My name is Hygor Paura and thanks for reading my post

First of all, I just want to say that Terraria made part of my life and
generated such good moments and memories, and obviously I am still playing

I created a Podcast named "Nonsense Podcast" from Brazil and I wanted to
build an episode about how Terraria amused me for so long and why it is the
best game I ever played.
But for this I need permission of the Re-logic personnel to use some of the
soundtracks and sound effects of the game.

I always wanted to create some content about how Terraria changed my childhood, using the amazing soundtracks and the SFX in general, but it's not polite (and legal) of my part to use without the concern of the Re-logic team.

What should I do to enter in contact with them?

Thanks for the attention!
Nonsense Podcast Team

Lord Ecramox the Almighty

Brain of Cthulhu
Here's a quote from a TCF staff member, Aurora:

I can confirm on Re-Logic's end, it is fine if you wish to use the Terraria soundtrack in your video. Naturally as long as you aren't claiming the music as your own. It isn't an issue overall.

If a strike does happen, it is on Youtube's end and not anything official from Re-Logic. It shouldn't cause a copyright strike if you use Terraria soundtrack in a video.
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