Water duplication glitch


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I was playing on pc when I accidentally placed water on top of one block in the sky so it started falling. I tried to soak it up using the ultra absorbent sponge while it was falling but it just made more water
Water can be duplicated in a similar fashion but if the sucking is done in midair, it may be that you just sucked up all the water in the vicinity of a single block which may not represent a full block worth of water. These kinds of duplication usually doesn't work in 1.4.1+ anymore, which is why I hypothesized that. (though, you can still duplicate water by (presumably) letting water spread out/letting thin streams of water impact a block that lead into another body of water, but don't take my words for it since volumetric liquid simulation in terraria 1.4.1+ is genuinely black magic)
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