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Survival Water World


A small (expert) world filled with water. water ends at space and sky islands are removed. You can find sand islands instead, containing the same items and some potions.
I also let you start with some items to make up for all the stuff you can't do to make this more resonable (hook,flippers,silver pickaxe)
Dungeon entrance is changed so you can beat the boss.
Holes in the world are blocked of by gold bricks so the corruption tunnels dont get flood for example.

you start here in a sunken ship:





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Skeletron Prime
This map looks nice, but i see one big mistake. You are able to craft spooky armor from spooky wood at the sunken ship, so it should be changed to something else if you update this map.


This was a fun map for my wife and I to explore. We flipped it to expert mode just for added fun and loot bags.

tyrant of war

i would like a modification that allows for multiple people to play. i really like this map but would like it if it started with more equipment. i know i can just add the items in but that is too much effort and i am lazy
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